Mar 10 2011Don't You Point That Thing At Me!: DIY Pulse Laser Can Burn Through Plastic, Metal


This is a homemade pulse laser gun built by Patrick Priebe. The thing packs a 1-kW burst that can burn through plastic, foam and thin metals. Plus explode eyeballs. Just kidding, I don't actually know that for a fact, I'm just assuming. Although I do encourage Patrick to make a trip to his local butcher to find out. And I'm not just saying that because I want him to pick up some pork chops for dinner tonight, because I don't. I told you, I'm vegetarian. Or am I? Yes, I am. The bacon is a lie. Awh shit -- Portal 2 spoiler!

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of the pews in action.


Geek creates DIY pulse laser pistol that can burn plastic and melt foam [slashgear]

Thanks to venort, Rob, Cathie, tiki-tom and Jude, who don't need pulse-laser guns because they stole a bunch of the rifles from their local lasertag place. You, uh, do know those things are just glorified flashlights, right?

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Reader Comments

The cake is a lie

needs more gay sects

So do you do it yourself?

I want one.


Watched the video and 55 seconds into it I started to laugh!
He can build a pulse laser, but he can't spell balloon!

what happens if you shoot a person?

can they be used on our future robot overloads?

Needs to make pew sound.

I suspect that it simply fires a BB or something and the lens just lights it up to make it look like it's a plasma ball.

This would spell disaster for little timmy's balloon animal...
Until it can do more damage, don't bother me with it.

it does need more PEW PEW indeed.

But 1kw that's some heavy shit yo.
I got a green 50mw lying around here and that is already clearly visible (beam visible at night, dot visible up to 5 km or sumthin').
Now of course green is much better visible to the human eye then blue or red,
but you can burn stuff with anything >200mw, imagine you have a 1000mw.
Do want for sure.


Now imagine you have a 1,000,000 mW, and you've got this thing.

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@3 You pay him the money and he does it for you

Glad you showed up; we're all dying to test this thing out on a person.

Holy shit, it's the TFG9000; the TINY F***KING GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm SO building one.

shit, you beat me at being smart, I thought 1,000mW = 1kW.
Whatever I dropped physics anyway.

I would like a 1GW laser though, Get it? As in 1 Geekologie Writer / Giga Watt

The design work and fabrication is pretty impressive. Mine would be a LEGO frame wrapped in duct tape.

Continuation from #17

I did a little bit of research, and in the original youtube video, the maker states that it outputs a 1MW pulse (Get your facts right GW!).

In other words a
Talkin' about one overpowered gun.

Also the beam is not blue as I originally thought, but infrared. Which makes invisible for us mere humans, but pale blueish when recorded on camera.

Quite Amazing actually, it reminds of the lasguns in Warhammer actually just a clicking noise and bam one fried ork.


how to it myself

I never carry weapons smaller and less dangerous than my own penis so this one's out....

The "plastic" is actually a thin-ass layer of styrofoam....

There isnt a guide on making one tho. Got to make money huh -.-?

Funny xD
BB gun.....right.
Youre wrong....there is a small amount of C4 in that balloon.

There isnt a guide, because this thing is FKG dangerous kid. It can blind you from a mile away.
The styrofoam is no styrofoam...its way more idea how you call it over there :) and: No laser YOU know can do that to styrofoam what.

Moment of Impact (lasers don't have "impact")

I find it hard to believe that someone who could build a gun this complicated would make such simple mistakes.

This is a horrible idea. Building a pulsed laser makes an already dangerous tool even more dangerous. The peak power per pulse goes up inversely with pulse duration. The shorter the pulse the higher the pulse energy. The problem with this is that even if the average power is something on the order of a lower class laser, you can easily create a class 4 laser by pulsing it. This makes it dangerous to skin, flammables, and the eyes, even if the reflection is diffuse and not specular. These are tools, not toys.

xD got me.
Frozen. I am German.

SciFi guy....I like your sense for safety, but trust me when I say: I would never wield it like in a video-game.

Specially like your last sentence: Tools....not toys nor weapons.

"Moment of Impact (lasers don't have "impact")"

Um...yeah, they do. Impact would be the moment the light strikes the surface it's aimed at. He's not using the physics term, he's using the general term which means "to have a direct effect; to impinge or make contact with."

As for the grammar/spelling errors, much though I find it annoying there are very smart people who either have poor spelling or simply don't care enough about it to pay it much mind when they make a typo.

yea, i got one of these as my secondary. most people use marathon but me, i use last stand! take that baloons! that'll make them angry B]

ps. pew pew pew b00m head shot O.o

the special force in the army needs a couple if these

It seems like it can only poke a hole through things its right next too, or he'd give us some distance-fire shots. Still, I'm all for weaponizing lasers.... its the microwaves that scare me.

A couple things i thought about. Laser shoot outs would be like a rave sans music, lots of clicking and screaming. Plus, anti laser armor would be made out of reflective materials - mirrored body armor. THE FUTURE IS HERE AND IT'S WEIRDER THAN WE THOUGHT!

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