Mar 29 2011Company To Offer Fake Facebook Girlfriends


Because sadness knows no bounds, is allegedly a real website launching soon that will create fake-ass Facebook girlfriends for dudes so they can interact with them and, I dunno -- feel even worse about themselves? Make other girls jealous? Listen guys -- if you honestly have a fake Facebook girlfriend to make other girls jealous, congratulations: it's only working on your mom. I assume this is going to be some kind of pay service which makes it even worse, but who knows. "A PAY SITE?! Why would I pay for something I could do myself?" Could do, or do do? "I said COULD do." Yeah did you just say that because you're embarrassed to say doodoo? C'mon, EVERYONE POOPS! (except me and all attractive women)

Cloudgirlfriend (there, but still on the launchpad)
Geekologie on Facebook (way better than a fake girlfriend!)

Thanks to Joseph, who doesn't need any fake Facebook girlfriends because he only uses Myspace. LOLWUT?! Accept my friend request already.

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I like turtles.

GW is my perfect girlfriend

mow mow


Mow mow

My wife has gigantic breasts.


my brother already does this


@5: Really? Yours too? Awesome!

Well I can see that this will branch off some new jokes. *ahem*
"You're so [insert insult] that you can't even get a cloud girlfriend on FaceBook"


Im sorry you are married to obese girls

But what if I want a cloud gay boyfriend? Or a cloud lesbian? Or a cloud octopus who communicates with me from the watery depths of Atlantis?

@11 has never touched a real boob before. So sad.

I'm already with my dream girl - blah balh blah. I'm sure everyone taking about their wonnderful gal is either lying or stupid. but anyway. Let us contine with the creation of obvious comments: Woah! whomever signs up for these kinds of services must be a desperate loser or something

Will this become the benchmark AI for those freakish robot girlfriend things?

I like how the step by step instructions make excessive use of the word "public"...

@14: Actually, I think a good percentage of Geekologie's readers are either happily married or involved with someone special. Just because you're unable to find someone to love you doesn't mean the rest of the world shares your misfortune.


~Can anybody find meeeeee....somebody to loveeeeeeee!~

Lol reminds me of Peter Coffin and the mysterious Kimi Kobayashi.

Hey if you pay me, I can be your fake Facebook gf. Except I'm actually a girl instead of a 40 year old man not wearing pants.

I accept payment in cola gummies and Hello Kitty stuff.

Also...the term technosexual is probably going to become more and more common soon...

@17 I am happily not married to my girlfriend who I am happily involved with. But hey, I also made a wrong assumption. I guess we're both assholes ^_^

@20 Dood. You dun gotted the wrong @.

@20: Nope, just you. ^_^ But I'm fine with that, really!



I love that I'm not the only one who sees "fake girlfriend" and immediately thinks "Peter Coffin." That guy will live in infamy. you touched a real boob other than your spouse's? Because there's a lot of merit to the saying "more than a handful is a waste" in everything but looks, and even then those blubbery jugs had better be pretty damn firm to be attractive at much more than a D once the clothes come off.

Has ANYONE else noticed that those two going at it in the comments have the same name, just backwards? this kid is arguing with himself :D hope its gaining you attention because your obviously starved of it. also, this is very sad.
And to conform with the rest of the comments: have girlfriend with nice body.

Gee, this is sad.
If you're that desperate you might as well end it all.
In fact if you are that desperate I'll pretend to be your girlfriend. As long as you don't mind your girlfriend being crazy and ignoring you.

I'm pretty sure this is fake.

Their website is strikingly similar to:

Which was proven fake, as part of this:

attempt at viral media control.

I really need this but in boyfriend version please

@26 Congrats on noticing noblehs is my pseudo name spelled backwords. You are incorrect, however, because I only comment under the name Shelbon. I trust this settles the matter

I thought noblehs was No Blehs...which is why i said to him BLEH!

Where's that chi chi guy at to do iptest? He sure got me good.

Awww, it's like the newest generation of IRC bots!

It's the perfect service for anyone who wants to hide the fact that they're gay!

"Say, have you met my girlfriend?
My girlfriend who lives in Canada"

truly peter coffin's dream come true.

Its gonna be so cool when that bitch steals all of their boyfriends personal info and gives it to their Troll Cloud Pimps. What the hell is wrong with people nowadays? Must be a single mother thing, because any father worth a damn should have taught their kids a little self respect. Cloud Girlfriends are for fatherless, dickless emo know the type...the kids who have never turned a wrench, or broke a sweat outside. The types chicks are better off without anyhow. Man it burns me up knowing our finest men and women are risking life and limb on the front lines while you half men ponder the possibilities of a fake girlfriend on a social networking site..Heres one for you fucktards, how about networking socially by getting the F off the computer and maybe going to the beach. Risk a few live conversations, and build up a library of real life experience? Ask out a few of the hottest chicks you meet, see what happens? Get a project car and rebuild it, hit the gym ..put down the friggin eyeliner and pick up some weights. Stop giving a shit about what the next Harry Potter movie might be like, and start practicing wielding that meat wand well enough to conjure up some trim once in a while. Life is short folks, and as we have all seen recently, shit happens. Grow a pair, get some confidence, and start laying carpet while you still have time.
Signed, Your Dad

Is there a possiblility that she'll turn into a REAL girlfreiend?

@36: What about us guys who are TOO SHY to go up to girls and talk to them? Whenever I try to talk to girls I find it hard to talk because of my high functioning autism and almost everyone I talk to has a boyfrriend.

How am I supposed to find a boyfreind free girl like this? How am I going to find my true love and have my destined daughter?

Haha. I'll be your facebook girlfriend if you pay me. I'm sure my real life boyfriend wouldn't even mind about it...

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Surely if you change your facebook status to 'in a relationship', any prospective non-ficticious girlfriend will see it and assume you're unavailable.

This service is self-defeating.

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