Feb 21 2011Yay!: The Legend Of Zelda Turns 25 Today


That's right folks, today, February 21st, 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of everybody's favorite video game franchise. "Not mine, I hate those games." OH YEAH WELL I HATE YOUR FACE SO THERE. Such a f***ing Ganon.

Including the original game's release on the Famicom Disk System in 1986 (for which it was a launch title), a total of 14 unique and "proper" Zelda games (excluding re-releases) have been published by Nintendo for the Famicom/NES, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, DS and Wii. A number of other Zelda games, some not made by Nintendo and others being spin-off titles, have also been released in that time, while the 15th game -- Skyward Sword -- is due later this year on the Wii.

With The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time widely regarded as the greatest game ever made, and with the series as popular and iconic today as it was back in 1986, it retains a very special place in the heart of many gamers

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "let's all head down to Lon Lon Ranch for some cake and milk" you are! I'm gonna drink straight from a cow's udder! "Uh, GW? That's a bull." Soooooooo...this isn't an udder is what you're saying.

Happy 25th Birthday, The Legend Of Zelda [kotaku]

Thanks to Chris G and Luke, who almost love the Zelda franchise as much as I do, except romantically. YA'LL NASTY!

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Reader Comments

Let me be the FIRST to say, kill that cake with fire!

Let's celebrate this day by blowing up balloons and them popping them!

happy b-day zelda

link to the past ftw

Happy birthday link... You ambiously non gender specific hero... Oh wait thats Samus.

or by having sex with a princess

What?! No Zelda title for the virtual boy? That's how you know this console has been a failure.

A 25yo skipping about playing an ocarina. Creepy.

happy birthday Bro

It has James Haven stare-y eyes.

Happy birthday Legend of Zelda CD-I games!

1. blow up that damn cake (GOD IT'S SO UGLY)
2. print a picture of link(or zelda, or pr0n of zelda, if you want to jack off celebrating that day, or you feel like it) from TP
3. make a cake (WORK IT OFF PEOPLE!)
4. insert the pictures when cake is finished
5. SING THE (whatever zelda series before skyward) THEME!
6. Eat the cake. (I don't want to know what you did to the pictures, jacked off it, pised in it, burned it, don't care.)

hurray zelda! but that cake is definitely creepy. should have posted this instead: http://steam-punk.net/zelda_25th_anniversary.jpg

Im the oldest one here!!

Well anyway, happy JAPANESE birthday, Link.

I'll save the proper festivities for the domestic release party.

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Give it a try, you will have a d at e soon !! ;)

Happy Birthday. Its mine tomorrow too..... yipeeeeee xoxox

Dang, that game is way older than me. Shouldn't he have blue eyes, and not creepy dilated eyes.


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