Feb 3 2011WTF DID I JUST WATCH?!: PSP Phone (The 'Xperia Play') Gets First (Creepy) Commercial


I'm pretty sure that's not how you sell phones. Sell phones, get it?! LIKE CELL PHONES, DUMMY!

This is a commercial for the new Sony Erickson 'Xperia Play' (Aka 'the PSP phone'). In case you couldn't tell, it's kinda dark. And creepy. Like my uncle's basement, but without all the toy trains and baseball gloves. But I don't wanna play catch aside, the ad does feature a back-alley plastic surgeon. Which, fun fact: is not the guy to go to for a little 'male enhancement'. "Oh come on, he can't be that bad." Can't be that bad?! HE STITCHED SOMEBODY'S BIG TOE TO THE END MY WIENER. It has a hangnail!

Hit the jump for 30-seconds of creepy-assery.

Here's The First Commercial For The PlayStation Phone And Holy Junk Is It creepy! [albotas]

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hrmm....not really that funny, or that good. Why couldn't they just do a parody of the "The 6mil Man"?

Make him stronger,
Make him faster,
With additional digits that grant the dexterity needed,
.....and some other things...


gross. wasn't gonna buy. going to attempt to not buy even harder.

lol thumb transplant.

OMG, it's the missing link!

I admit, I'm curious about the Xperia. Anybody know if it's good?


I guess it's a cyborg now and not an android.



Check yer spellin of that crazy Swedish/Japanese company based in London

Is that tony Jaa in the comercial?

You may think it's light and funny, but I know a guy who knew a guy who went to a party with some girl and woke up in a tub full of ice and they had STOLEN HIS [email protected]#$%ING THUMBS!!!

i'm just gonna guess that there was a shitload of coke involved in whatever ad agency's office this idea hatched in

If you can hold it in your left hand without calls dropping, then it's a huge advancement over the iphone 4.

Does no one else think this is awesome? This is something phones have needed for a long time. The ad was a bit odd, but I like the idea of droid needing a back alley surgeon because he wants to play better games.

Creepy last ditch attempt by Sony to stay in the game. Pun intended.

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