Feb 22 2011What Can I Say, The Man Loved Blowing Shit Up: A 320,000 Firecracker Memorial Service


I know it may look like a homemade Fruit by the Foot fort, but those are actually strings of firecrackers. 320,000 crackers to be precise. And this is a video of them being detonated as a memorial service to a deceased family member while neighbors drive by calling the police. "Hello, 911? THERE ARE TERRORISTS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! Also, a pedovan. Plus my neighbor lets dandelion seeds blow into my yard -- is that an arrestable offense? Say, you don't happen to have the showtimes for the local theater do you? Hello -- hello?! I PAY TAXES, DAMMIT!"

Hit the jump for 1:30 of how the black smoke from LOST was born. Real actions starts around 0:40.

So That's What That Would Look Like of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Party Patrick, who's always down for a good time. Like, 'for a good time call' good time, or just a good time? A, uh, friend wants to know.

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whats with these stupid advertisments that play while im trying to get my daily geekologie on

oh well 3rd

No snakes? Geigh.

Yes but........

@#1 Nope.avi

Why doesn't this site have a "Like" button? Seriously, I would Like the hell out of this.

@2 To bad you havent seen the fireworks they have in China... way way way better than americas crap...

I'm fairly certain that would have popped balloons

at 9 ....too bad everything else that is made in China is absolute crap though

nothing like billows of smoke so conveniently placed next to the road so that all those who go by it can get into a head-on collision.

Science Please! Please! Please! smite hillbillies before they ruin our whole society, i already fear it may be too late.

That's pretty neat, although it would be best viewed at night.

I'm not sweeping this up

@12 Dude! We need people like that, not only to do the stupid things we know better than to do ourselves, but also to give relevance to the nicer things in life. Sure this might be dangerous, but if you didn't at least smile watching this, you really need to relax. No one is ever too old to enjoy explosions. Yay, Darwin!

Would have been better if the firecrackers wrapped the corpse and set out into a lake...Viking Funeral style.

@14 I thought the same thing!

Woulda been a hell of a lot better at night time

Naas. Chinese fireworks are EXACTLY like everything else produced in China. Use its once and it explodes into peices so you can never use it again and is likely dangerous for your health.

@11 too bad all laptops, cellphones and apple products are produced in china and shitty. Oh wait, only the people in America buy the shitty products, because they don't know they are getting ripped off by some rich american businessman selling the crappest products to the citizens of America at the highest possible price.

Now run through it.

Why the fuck didn't this fool do this at night????

"Hit the jump for 1:30 of how the black smoke from LOST was born. Real actions starts around 0:40."

Ummm...the video is only 1:29 long.

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That was beautiful.

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