Feb 16 2011There Can Be Only One: Facebook Vs. Twitter


Note: Obviously that isn't the whole graphic, you need to click RIGHT HERE NOW QUICK DO IT to see the whole thing.

Facebook vs. Twitter: there can be only one. Just kidding, there can be more than one. Unless we're talking about bugs in my breakfast cereal, in which case, yes, only one, and not a fly @$$hole more. This is an informational graphic comparing the users of Facebook and Twitter. I didn't bother studying it too hard because that's not what's important. What's important is Geekologie is on both (Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE). How bout that?! Now you can tell me to go die two more ways than just in the Geekologie comments! Which, if you include sending tips, makes FOUR avenues of angry contact. You could drive a tanker truck full of hate down that shit the wrong way! *making the universal hand gesture for 'blow your horn'* HOOOOOOOOOOOONK!! Hoho -- takes me back to the short bus every time.

Image of the Day: who is using Facebook and Twitter? [dvice]

Geekologie on Faceybooks
Geekologie on Tweeter

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damn you number 2

bob you did it so wrong it pains me

I wonder how these statistics compare to other, less popular social networking sites? Or what about to the web in general?

For Twitter, 48% of users are in college, yet only 13% are ages 18-25. How can this be?

I don't use either. I don't use any social networking crap. Any of you that do are all slaves to twatter or lamebook and I'm happy to say I won't have to deal with any of you after the apocalypse.

nards youre everywhere dammit, but truer words have never been said. see you all on the otherside when computers log-in to you!

Oh and @Sandy:

What says you have to be between the ages of 18 and 25 to be in college? I won't even finish college until I'm 29. My wife won't be done until she is 27.

Although I dont use twatter or lamebook I can hypothesize that the 48% of twatter users that are in college must be a bunch of Generation Y fuck ups like myself.

@10 Even if you had the 26 to 34 you don't get the number...

This was not as interesting as I tough it will be...

Im surprized there is more women than men on both.

@ Max Bovine:

I guess statistics on the most populous age group attending college for 2010 would help shed some light on the credibility of the stupid twatter chart. I just assume there are quite a few more "older" people going back school recently then normal.

Ok dont care anymore.


Cuz women have weak mind and are more prone to give into the brainwashing tactics of the twatt and zuckercock.

@3 Commenting: You're doing it wrong.


Psh... Chances are the apocalypse will be tweeted way before you'll find out thus giving us users a head start on preparing our own graves.

@9 In soviet Russia, the interents log into you

God I hate soviet russia comments...

Only retards use twatter or farcebook.

The popularity of Farmville tells me all I need to know about Farcebook users.

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I'm with Nardz on this one. I use neither and am happier for it too. I used it for years and then like two months ago I asked

1)is there anything here I can't do IRL (call someone, tell them I'm doing such and such a thing at a certain time, email someone etc)?

2)can I live without it?

3)does it benefit me?

Sadly. most people are so freakin vain, they CAN'T live without letting everyone know how much it sucks to be them or to tell the world about some recycled link through a status update and so- we get these stupid social sites that in the long run create an anti social world.

can't wait until that sweet sweet rampant death scenario.

dirtdan is right. I was with FB for years and went through the same thoughts/actions.

Seriously, leaving the networks is the only step to recovery. You immediately realize you never needed it to begin with and they you are no worse off without it.


Yes I just bought some of kate's shoes and they are so feckin awesome let me tell you what! I mean really, she must be some kind of millionaire cuz her shoes are just so cool. I bet she totally is NOT some lowlife, next-to-no-income loser, patrolling random message boards, posting her junk while simultaneously searching google for "Make money without leaving your home" scams, because she is too lazy to walk her fat fupa ass to the end of her unpaved driveway to pick up the newspaper she probably doesn't get and search the want ads for a real job because she would rather rot in her basement and/or toilet with aspirations of becoming the next woman to have to be pryed off her toilet seat because of prolonged sitting and skin fusion. Human-toilet-hydbrid-internet-erroneous-message-board-shoe-selling-poster, I SALUTE YOU!

I'm a twitter with two twitters, and zero FaceBook. Funny thing is that they both are seldom updated. They make a great replacement for newsletters and website updates.

Now...I like Facebook and I like Twitter, but which is best?
There's only one way to find.


Now...I like Facebook and I like Twitter, but which is best?
There's only one way to find.


Lol at all the nerds bashing Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is fuckin great at flirting with chicks and staying up with what people are doing. I could understand how not having a social life would scare you away from it. Also, Twitter is great for keeping up to date with what music artists are doing. Stop hating on something that millions of people use. Theres a reason people love this shit, because its good.


Go update your status or poke someone or something...

I'm with you,... for the most part heheh.

I don't use FB for flirting but I do use it to keep in touch with people, see my friends' picture albums (granted, Flickr would be better), and receive promotions from company pages I'm interested in.

I don't update my status every day, maybe every other week. I do think some users are narcissistic dumbasses but I can just block their updates.

FB and Twitter can be useful tools if you know how to use them.

Oh well, haters gonna hate.

@ Nards and Max Bovine

Statistics are fuuun :)

If only 27% of twitter users log in everyday how Can 56% Update their status everyday? Because 60% of the time it works everytime

@ 30

Read again, 27% of users log in, 56% of OF LOGINS update

twitter sucks.

What about the % of people who don't use these fucking sites?! FUCK FACEBOOK, FUCK TWITTER, AND FUCK YOU!!

I really doubt 88% of all people are aware of facebook. It needs a less biased sample I feel.

It's 88% of all people in the US, presumably.

Which, of course is "all people" *eye roll*

just say no to Douche-booK.


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