Feb 1 2011The Opposite Of Okay: A 'Sucking' Sex-Bot


Note: Video probably NSFW on account of a robot trying to choke down a wiener.

This is a disturbingly disturbing DISTURBING DISTURBING video of a sex-bot "sucking" on a sausage. I put quotations around sucking because she's 100% trying to gnaw it in half. Now, as you may well know I'm hands-down the toughest man the gods ever breathed a bong-hit into, but there is NO WAY IN HELL I would let my wiener venture anywhere near that thing. Just sayin', I'm getting squeamish knowing she's on the same planet as I am. Which -- *stuffing a dildo with dynamite* SAY SAYONORA, BITE-BOT!

Hit the jump for 1:00 of completely uncalledfor-ness.


Thanks to Jesus, who agrees he may have to come back sooner than later to fix this mess.

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Don't wanna be first!

hot robot zsa zsa is HOT

why did it need a facelift?

I cried a little on the inside.

I'll take 12.


i'll never be able to look at a sausage the same again

Yo, It's that chick from a Small Wonder's Mom.


And electric guitar stabs. I can groove while I groove

This world is in some seriously sad shape.

there is something wrong with the world when guys have to resort to this and can't spend a few minutes getting to know a woman. i am disgusted this device exists.

My question is: how would one clean it?

My meat bends the other way. Do they have a fix?

Now if she could ONLY be programmed to make me a sandwich!

hey, there is no "sucking" happening, it's just rocking it's head back and forth with it's mouth open

false advertisement!

@12 or spent in a cheap hore


I don't know about you, but even a few minutes of small talk most women will not blow me. I can ask her about her job, her interests, her pets and maybe even her name, but as soon as I ask "So, would you blow me?" she gets offended and leaves. Frankly, I think this robot could be a good thing. At least I don't have to pretend to be interested in its job/pets/name.

"You can only imagine what else she likes to suck on." - Aaron Sorkin


Eh, I'd try it.
*insert forever alone face here*

They should make a lesbian one with a tongue sticking out

At least there isn't a vacuum sound. We're making progress!

@ <- wtf is that symbol
I couldn't agree more.

WTH youtube is taking down like every video I try to watch today....

how it's awesome!

video taken down :(

Dude that was fast......

.... so that IS what its like to breathe in Heaven?!

You can watch video at the manufactures website: http://www.sexbots.us/gallery.html

@30 <3 you.

The company lets you rent the robots. Yes, because nothing says "Happy birthday" like having someone bring a jizz-filled, weiner-sucking robot as a party game.

Pardon me. *wiener*

OH NOES teh videoses are gonez!!1

How UNimpressive!! Once, I was walking out of the shower, and my Mom walked into the bathroom and slipped and fell on her back and while she screamed "OW!! I yelled, "MOM!!" and lost my own footing and fell straight on with my own Little McBoinkersaurus Rex in Mom's open mouth. It was quite the awkward moment, so I immediately got up after a few minutes and left.

i think it works something like this SFW


That was the most stomach turning thing i have seen since the eclair incident from Van Wilder. mmm......eclair

in the long run the dolls cheaper, lol

If you are going to build a robot to suck dick, at least make it able to DEEP THROAT it. Robot fail.

I'm with 39, that doll isn't taking more then the first inch or so, the sad thing is I know more then a few guys that would try it.

Just wait until later versions, they'll have a lubricating vagina, anus, and mouth. Lube will be dispensed on how good you do at foreplay.

... so for me, it'll be liking screwing sandpaper, hot sandpaper.

Robo blumpkins?

go to break.com can find the creepyness there.

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