Feb 15 2011Street Fighter Ultra Combos: Now With Ladies


Remember the Street Fighter IV ultra combos video from a couple weeks ago? Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, TOO BAD IT WAS A TOTAL SAUSAGE LUNCHEON. So to make up for all the man-meat, the creators decided to shoot another video featuring ladies bringing the pain to a bunch of goofuses. How these dudes even got in the Street Fighting league is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do with having a rich uncle alumni. Which, fun fact, is the only way half our youth is going to get into college after filling out their entrance essays in text-talk. Just watch, in twenty years there won't even be any new scientists. Strippers and cheap laborers, yes. "I'm cool with that." Oh I know you are, buddy. "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." HA! You do realize you just admitted you're still a one-off, right?

Hit the jump for the femme fatales in action.


Thanks to Sky and emily, who like to start every round with one of Chun Li's upside-down Spinning Bird Kicks. OMG, me too! And I don't wear underwear when I fight ;)

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Reader Comments


I'm an old man... why are my granddaughters beating up those boys on the TV? Please, I'm confused...

Daddy like!


These aint nerds, these are actors.

We need the real thing here.

Now they need to do this with DOA.

And find girls who match the proportions of the characters.

They will make MILLIONS. $$$$

Boner inducing.

No girl on girl final fight :(




Giggity giggity...

me gusta

Shall I state the obvious? I'd do em

@14 you may need to specify gender as "em" doesn't. Do you mean all of "em" of just the ladies? Personally, I only like the one in the green shirt

I found this so stupid I was laughing until i was crying. I think it's the catchphrases they say before a combo....that or they look awkward trying to pull of realism.


@14: I think you're the only one who's confused by 15's comment. Maybe one day you'll understand how to use rhetoric effectively.

Great job guys! Good angles and action. Even the comic overlays worked for me.
The K.O. shot with the girl in black was wonderfully framed.

Scott Pilgrim/ Street Fighter movie.

I can see it now.

why ? WHY?

Some of those chicks are a bit chunky - not sexy!

now, someone get them into costume. let's see a full fight sequence ala Deadliest Warrior type simulation.

Best instances of man-abuse since I wondered drunk into the Blue Oyster Bar on "Thong or ButtRape Night"!!

heisssssss :)

The second one was the coolest. If you disagree, you're wrong.

Stop raping Street Fighter... Change it to Mortal Kombat Fatalities becouse that series is already raped

"Honey I wouldn't talk about taste if I was wearing a lime green tank top"- Bender

"Bam!"- Fry

Despite its flaws, that was still better than that crap Chun Li movie.

Chunky? Which ones? You sir are blind. They are nowhere near chunky. What would you want them to be? 98 pounds? Is Anorexic looking model women more your type Pissbag?

Nice, but all of those girls and not one of em in a sessy Cammy thong singlet. For shame.

Oh, and @21, how does it feel to know that you'll die a virgin?

I bet all those girls take it balls deep in the ass

I would wreck all of those for a good 35 seconds, total.


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