Feb 28 2011Shuttle Launch As Seen On Passenger Flight


This is a video of last week's Discovery shuttle launch as seen from a commercial flight departing Orlando, FL. It's pretty amazing to see. Like being duct-taped to a computer chair so you can't move and then having your eyes taped open while coworkers take turns throwing things directly at your face. Yeah, just like that. But with less cutting their brake-lines afterward. Haha, who's got the big cubicle now?! Beats me, I'm too busy getting pounded in the slammer. C'MON -- IT WAS PRACTICALLY SELF DEFENSE!

Hit the jump for 2:00 of oohs and aaahs BUT NO SEX.

Discovery launch as viewed from a passenger flight [geek]

Thanks to Peter, who doesn't eat as much pumpkin as the nursery rhyme would lead you to believe. MARY ISN'T EVEN CONTRARY!

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1st you blow goats

Pilot: "Those of you on the right side of the aircraft can see the spaceship, those of you on the left side will probably see people on the right side looking out the window"

Sucks to be on the left side...

Sky rockets in flight...time for some afternoon delight

that video made my scrotum tingle for some reason

God damn that is incredible

obviously photoshopped we all know that you cant break through the earths atmosphere

That would be pretty epic. I've always wanted to see a shuttle launch.


Fitting Filk Song of the Day:
"Fire in the Sky"

#4 those aren't really the words are th... I was just signing that in my head. Come over tonight & sing me to sleep now pls

Awesome! Thank you GW for the FB post on the shuttle - I've always wanted to see a shuttle launch. <3

For all the shit we talk about ourselves, it's moments like these where we all need to admit that we're proud to be humans.

Not many more of these. I think this is the last year. With nothing else on the horizon either.

@13 word.

I don't know. That was pretty slow. Looked like my grandmother was driving that rocket.

Oh man - if you haven't seen a shuttle launch, call in an extra long lunch break and get down to Kennedy Space Center for the next launch. It is seriously awesome - and I don't mean "omg like your new shoes", I mean like 'scrape your jaw off the sidewalk' awesome.

That wasn't really a shuttle launch. It was actually just some redneck in the middle of Florida that built a "super bottlerocket" out of fireworks left over from Independence day. And now all the other Hicks in the deep South think they saw themselves a gawl darned UFO.


lots of ooohs and aaahhhs but no sex..? After watching that launch I disagree

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#17 Agree, agree, agree. Went to a night launch in 2008, Finally went up around 2 in the am. There was a low cloud cover so we got to see about 8 seconds of the launch but it looked like the sun was coming up early! Shuttle launch is a must see!

Soooo.......the rocket...I mean plane that was recorded off the California coast not to long ago (and looks just like this) was a rocket launch after all?

Or has enough time passed that nobody remembers or gives a shit anymore. Yeah for the American people. Attention span and complacency of a turnip.

I fucking hate this country. Lie to us some more. It's a guarantee that the people will never question or if they do will give up in a couple of days. Can't waste our time question the corrupt government when a new Houswives season is on.

Fuck all of you

One thing a third world county has over us is that they will take to the streets and die if they have to. They will get angry and physically do something about it. What do we do here???? Stuff another quarterpounder in our fatass piehole and watch tv.
"Don't bother me....I'm 'baiten" +1 for anyone who understands that.

Is that David Duchovny's voice at the end? "I'm still in awe"

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