Feb 2 2011Poké-Couture: The Sleepy Snorlax Dress


Snorlax, first a beanbag chair, now a dress. I swear, what will you Pokéfans think of next? Please say poseable action figures, please say poseable action figures! "Pokéball anal beads". GAAAAAAAAAHHH!! I must have them anyway. This is a Snorlax dress made by Etsy seller Betty Felon (crime doesn't pay, just sayin'!). It was made a while ago and I don't believe it was ever for sale, but you could probably make one yourself if you wanted to. I mean, if you actually had any talent. Alternatively, send me $80 and I'll make one for you. Ooooooor keep stalling and eventually stop returning your emails. Haha, do I know how to run a business or what?! I don't. But I do know how to run over stuff with my car, so that's something. It's easy -- sometimes I even close my eyes!

Snorlax dress [lookbook]

Thanks to Margie, who's had a Charizard dress but it accidentally set itself on fire in the closet coughing one night.

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Reader Comments

What have you done to him?!?!?!

Wow, she's kinda cute. Anyone else agree with me on this? >.>

This is pretty old, well actually it's super old and I feel as though uve had it on here before.

but yeah she's cute. I'd use my pokeflute on her if u know what I mean

Yeah she is.....she looks thick

@Piro: Oh, yes. Very much so.

@3 pretty sure g-dub mentioned its old in the article. but good luck with your pokeflute- your mom said its just been hanging around gathering dust


I'd like to Pik-a-chu up that dress if you know what I mean

Wait until she falls asleep and have your (brief) way with her...

She's got BJ lips

I'd play wake her up with my Poke-Flute, if you know what I mean.

"pokemon analbeads - gotta smell 'em all!"

But cute none the less

ugh god. what's wrong with you people. This chick is not cute...gross.
Even if she used Harden...it wouldn't be very effective.

Do want... her :)


So she looks like a minority, big deal just stick it in her poop-chute while moaning racially motivated slurs. It's the Christian-Republican thing to do.


So old it's actually painful.

But is she boyfriend-free? My mom would love her!

OLD! but i still want it... BAD.

id slam the shit outer her, oh and clone her and rape her clones

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