Feb 1 2011JEALOUS!: Firework-Shooting R/C Helicopter Taking Out Hydrogen-Filled Balloons


This is a video of an R/C tri-copter shooting Roman candles at hydrogen-filled balloons in the style of a video game. Obviously, I'm pissed I didn't have this kind of setup when I was a kid. And not just because the closest I ever came to a missile-laden R/C helicopter was a hand-me-down Cabbage Patch Kid, but one time I did throw lil Joey out the window with a trashbag parachute with fairly traumatizing results. Read: he hit the sidewalk so hard his head and legs came off. Try explaining that to your 4-year old sister when you re-gift the head as a birthday present! "You see, thanks to science I've actually been able to keep his brain alive..."

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Project Site (with a bunch more POV videos from helicopters)
Homebuilt UAV hunts down hydrogen balloons, shoots firework missiles [engadget]

Thanks to robbie and residentistEVIL, who are both convinced the Hindenburg disaster was actually fireworks related. You two and your conspiracy theories, I swear.

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@1 YESSSS I miss those eyes :)

fireworks shooting r/c heli = awesomesausage

Next, on Geekologie: "MythBusters: Super size jet taxi"

Dig the FF9 music remix lol



i come here to cock block first tards <:

Wasn't this on Gizmodo....


Get with it you jive turkey


@7 ZOMG kill yourself

@6 one of the many reasons why I love you

Haha, nice.

Balloon is resistant, use rotor-attack.

no comments

You know what's next, don't you?

That college is now going to arm their automated quadcopters.

sooo awesome. gotta watch out for those mechanical/electrical engineers...

rotor is resistant, use balloon attack!

Wait, where's the fear and loathing? The next step is probably for this thing to get automated like the quadcopter. Next ya know it'll be flying through windows and popping carbon filled balloons...

Well that was pretty pointless.
Neat but pointless.


Do you get all your ideas from Wimp,com?

@4 it's originally FFI, but you young whippersnappers wouldn't have had an NES I suppose:


All that sort of thing made FFIX even more fun


That's awesome Dude! Nice game show you did there! More!

I need to find someone to build one of these for me. Preferably with a better firiing mechanism.

Or a zooom camera so I can peep inside women's changerooms and stuff.

@6... what's worse... being a "firsttard" or caring about it so much that you make it a point to try to take "first" before someone else can claim it? lol

Personally I think it's hilarious that people get so bent out of shape over something as dumb as someone typing the word "first".... as I'm sure anyone who types "first" does as well.

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