Feb 20 2011Jessica Rabbit As Gold Bikini Princess Leia



Note: Full-res version HERE because you're a pervert.

This is a picture by artist Dimitris Samaras of Jessica Rabbit performing her lounge act while cosplaying as Princess Leia circa The Skirmish on Carkoon in 4 ABY (I'm not a dork you're a dork). As you can see, her feet are so small she can't even stand anymore and her titties look like two ripe cantaloupes. Me being more of a honeydew man aside, I'm not sure she could digest a corndog without it getting lodged above her waistline. Cheeseburgers: you should really drink some.

Dimitris' DeviantART Page
Gulp... Slave Leia Jessica Rabbit Sings for Jabba the Hut [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Charlie, who actually went to see her lounge act but got kicked out by security for bringing an air horn.

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Reader Comments

*stabs roger rabbit*

i went to see her act once, saw a penis peeking out the slit in her dress

She needs to breathe out before they pop.

I like my women with bigger feet, but that is hot in not America.

I'm more disturbed by her 3 year old hands and the fact her hand is bigger than her waist.

Yeah, the proportions are off and she has an incredibly pointy knee.

I think I'm going to go watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit now.

Small hands means your cock'll look bigger for the handjob.

No tiny feet are good for women, ( means they can stand closer to the oven).


Oh lol, if only your guys knew the rest of the shit Dimitry draws.
Just one word:

you know what im ok with this

Not really my thing. That picture would be so sexy if she was 3yr old & male. I say all this because I am a gay paedophile, lock up your kids (or I'll bum them).


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You know, despite what plastic surgeons would have us believe, breasts CAN be to big.

More than a handful is a waste!

weird, but i like them melons. seriously though, what did happen to Daisy?

@15 But those are big enough to put your hands on the sides and push them together when your face is in between them :)

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it is begging for a jab' ish character behind her... like the door-monkey or the octo-bartender

That knee makes me wonder if it was the last thing he drew right after smacking his head against a door frame. It looks idiotic."Hey Jessica, nice Leia getup. Oh yeah by the way, YOUR KNEE JUST SLICED OFF THREE OF MY FINGERS YOU FREAK!"

They need to fix the fucking feet.jeez

WAWOO,it's G cup?

Look I drew a costume someone else designed on a character someone else designed! I'm such an awesome artist!

@5 Baby hands are great, they make your cock look way bigger

@15 but there's something very nice about two giant titties bouncing around while you pound her

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Her feet are too fat and manly, she needs to bind them.

What is wrong with you people?
You're either complaing that her proprtions are wrong.
She is a cartoon!
Or you want to have sex with her.


JR's feet in the movie were that tiny

Remember when geekologie actually had items about geek stuff?

This is like ubergeek porn. Although admittedly, a young carrie fisher in a jessica rabbit outfit would be ideal. GW, be on alert for one of those.

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