Feb 11 2011French 'Rent-A-Girlfriend' Website A Success


Apparently a new rent-a-girlfriend (not to be confused with rent-a-gamerfriend) website in France is causing a stir, with some claiming it's a glorified escort service, and others claiming it's the best thing that's ever happened to them.

Spoil yourself, rent a girlfriend! This is the line French site Loueunepetiteamie.com uses to convince male visitors to legally rent a female friend, for an hour, an evening, a night or for a weekend.

Tired of being alone? Are you looking for a female companion who can spoil you and make you feel relaxed? Have you tried a bunch of dating sites that left you disappointed? Don't worry, help is just a few clicks away - Loue Une Petite Amie, which translates as "rent a little girlfriend" actually allows guys to rent female companions, legally! The French website assures its clients they have nothing to fear from the law, because this isn't actually prostitution, but a simple case of renting a person...which apparently isn't illegal in France.

Loue Une Petite Amie -- "rent a little girlfriend", that's cute. But if you sign up and they send you anybody taller than a stepping stool I'd be piiiiiiiiiiissed. YOU SAID LITTLE, I THOUGHT I WAS GETTING A SMURF. 3 CRAB-APPLES HIGH DAMMIT!

Controversial Rent-a-Girlfriend Website Proves Big Hit in France [odditycentral]

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Reader Comments

I wil rent....FRIST!

Isnt that a form of slavery?

I thought this was a hoax:


Hit up Geekipality.com for a social network of people like GW (He's not on it yet, but he totally will be).

are you retarded eh? they are being paid, which rules out slavery.

but it sounds awesome. rent a person...that might give freelance blowjobs.

Uhhh, GW.... "une petite amie" simply translates to "a girlfriend".... That's how they always say it!

I love your jokes, but the "little girlfriend," stepstool thing won't be funny to anyone who's had French... :D

Well, to tell the truth "petite amie" means girlfriend. Friend is "amie", unless of course your friend is a boy, in case you write "ami". Sooo, you can say "petit ami" when you talk about someone's boyfriend. Nothing to do with size, really... Er, strike that out, we're on GW's Geekology, where size matters a lot, especially when it concerns dinos.
There you go.
Don't thank me.


@8 No they supposed to pay you.

I'm French and can confirm that. "petite amie" is the colloquial expression in French meaning "girlfriend". If you have a little girlfriend, we would say "petite petite amie" !

Bien cordialement,

That's not a real website, but a viral promotion for e-loue.com, a website where you can rent almost anything (from goats to BBQ), but not girlfriends.

You have a complete pdf (in french) that describe it here

Sorry guys

Yeah craigslist has been around in 'merica for years now.

Or, you can just go to craiglist and hire a proper escort. No BS, you can negotiate in advance what service you want and how much it's gonna cost you. And you can find an independent one which is good (I got no problem with hoe, but I don't like pimp).

I want to hire one to go onto chat roulette with me. It's so mucb easier to troll people with a female

Haha, this website is famous here in France, but yes it's a fake.... Viral promotion as said by emc2.
Renting a person is illegal in France, as in most countries :D

@Magrave : wrong. You rent a bodyguard or a bartender, or a waitress, or a cleaning lady.
But hell yeah, I don't think we will have such a thing in France soon...

Mes salutations distinguées,

@13 you mean a cop.

How much?

No No no no no no no no! You are NOT renting a person! You are renting their service they provide which is why its legal! Isn't it stupid how simply changing the way you word something can mean the difference between legal and illegal?

The site is a joke or a hoax, you decide. It's nothing more black humour.

In just one month, it said, the bogus site had 180,000 hits, 550 women offered their services as rental girlfriends -- and 5,000 men wanted to hire one out.

This just proves that the suave and debonair frenchman is a MYTH.

Sex is too commodified, it's taking a toll on society.

"Petite amie" means "girlfriend" not "little girlfriend"
It's just the way we say it :D

Also, a parody "Loue Une Petite Fille .com " (rent a little girl) was created but it was deleted really fast ^^



c'est une blague bande d'attardés.
it's a joke, ...

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I hate to be this guy.

"Petite amie" is simply how you say "girlfriend" in French. There is no "little girlfriend". That would be "une petite petite amie".

Even though this website is fake, it's actually a good idea. Sometimes you're going somewhere that you need a date, but you don't feel like asking a girl and dealing with all the BS. Hire a girl to laugh at your jokes and pretend to be into you.

Hey ppl, i'm French but never heard about this shit.
Maybe because i do not need to. I'm smelling the viral internet buzz here.

"Don't believe the hipe" !

its a great idea !!! olve ...!!!

Do they give head?

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