Feb 24 2011Creationary: Pictionary But With LEGO Blocks


Creationary is a new game from LEGO that's basically Pictionary except, instead of drawing, you build stuff with LEGO blocks. Admittedly, I would play it. AND WIN EVERY TIME. You know why? Because I'm LEGOmaniac. Hey -- what's that over there?! *stuffs a couple blocks in mouth* What?! It makes me feel like a chipmunk!

Roll the LEGO® Dice to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things. With three levels of difficulty you can show off your building skills, while the others guess what you are creating. A great game for family and friends to test your imagination, creativity, building and guessing skills to the max.

With the unique buildable LEGO Dice and changeable rules, LEGO Games is a great way of having fun together with family and friends. An interactive game for 3 - 8 players. Game play approximately 30-60 minutes

Creationary comes with over 340 LEGO pieces and costs around $35. But if you're a cheapskate like me you can just make the game yourself out of an old copy of Pictionary and the LEGO blocks you already have. An echo? HOW THE F*** AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE AN ECHO OUT OF LEGO BLOCKS?! Ooh ooh -- I've got it. *building* Well? "I dunno, a mermaid?" A MERMAID?! NO DAMMIT, IT'S ECHO. You know -- the Dolphin. SEGA CD WILL NEVER DIE! *eats Pictionary card in rage*

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Lego Creationary, Like Pictionary With Plastic Bricks [uberreview]

Thanks to Carsten, who's always on my team when we play Pictionary because he can draw photo-realistic pictures with the quickness. Me? Only penises.

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Reader Comments

Older than dinosaurs... Sorry. :-\



i think i've played something similar. what was that called? yes - laser tag

"Roll the LEGO® Dice to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things."

Strange how they misspelled "penises" as the last option there.


-C'mon GM, where's my million dolla dolla bills for pointing out this horrific grammar?

-nahh i'm just pulling your yank stick - ya'll do pretty good reviewing stuff.

Can I get a personal ear picker? Sounds hot.

Will you ever answer my questions?

Why do people comment, "first!" - that's totally gay.com/queer

Someone apparently made a red and white striped penis.

Legos are obsolete

Not exactly news, but yes this game is AWESOME!
I am the undisputed champion at our house. Granted we've only played twice.
Legos forever FTW!!!

Board Games: Turning family and friends into competetive assholes since 1860

Echo the dolphin? I don't think I've ever seen that game before. Must be some retarded middle-eastern version of the game that you can play on the Super Megason IV system. (Yes, that's a real system. Google it or click this link:




Try Ecco the dolphin.

tss...tss... This is like yahtzee ya know? tss...tss...

isn't this the game god played when making everything?

@13..... yea, that where the platypus came from. last card said "whatever you can make with the leftover blocks" **bud ump bump**

@13 no that was pocket pool.

It's not exactly *new.* I've been playing it with friends since late last year ... it kicks ass.

If this is considered new, I think GW needs to get out and about a little more often.

But, yeah, 338 LEGO pieces doesn't sound like enough to make a statue of me pounding your mother... but, you never know... your imagination can take you ANYWHERE!!!

Missing pieces hell

decent game, significantly harder than you would expect, but this is nowhere near new. this is the second website ive seen this on this week, and yet ive been playing this game for MUCH longer.

Yea his was made a long time ago like a couple years ago and was call Constructionary. Not sure why they re-released it. Perhaps this version has more parts.

after seeing the bastardizations of Monopoly and Battleship this is quite possibly the greatest board game news I've ever seen.

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I've had this game for almost a year. OLD!!!

Got this for christmas. It's pretty awesome.

This was the only wedding gift we got that was geared towards me.

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