Feb 17 2011Classy Kitchen!: Cigarette Fridge Magnets


Cigarette magnets: can you think of a better way to let a child know just how crappy their art is? "Um, yeah -- just tell them till they start crying." Damn you're sick. "Or you could throw it in the trash right in front of them." ENOUGH ALREADY, YOU WIN OKAY? Anyway, Cigarette Magnets ($15 for 3) from Amron Experimental make it look like you put out a cigarette on whatever the hell you're sticking to the fridge. Clever, but it's gonna take at least a half-dozen cigar magnets to get a cat to stick.

Hit the jump for two more examples of the possibilities.



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Thanks to Scott, who actually invented the magnets and promises to donate 0% of proceeds to the American Lung Association.

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Long last the robots!

010101010111011100001110101010101111 9?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max used his used blunts to put his jury summons on his local cop's fridge.

a friend flicked a cigarette at me and i cought it with the inside of my elbow and it melted the skin to my vein and then my vein was all spurting like "GSSSSSHHHH GSSSSSSSSSHHH" and a girl passed out because it was so much blood she couldnt handle it

@4 cool story bro too bad its fake because you stole it from me. the real story is we were playing darts and a guy was sitting fiddlign with his darts and dropped one and tried to catch it between his legs by closing them real fast but ended up stabbing teh artery in teh inside of his leg and blood HIT THE CEILING. THE FVCKING CEILING MAN!

@4 eat a snake and get lost!

Before someone ask, the note say:
-Georges' Birthday,
-Buy paper
-Call Margaret
-Pay electric bill

and that loud "YEHAAAW!!!" that was just heard across the globe was the result of every piece of white trash's excitement over this product.


All mah dreams has comed true! Never dun thoughted i wood see me some ciggyrettes that ah could smoke an use as sum magnets on my fridge. Now I will always have me a reminder on mah fridge to tell me wen to go an git sum more smokes and dip. NASCAR! NASCAR!! NASCARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be perfect for my kids picture of daddy's "Ice 'vase'".... just sayin

It figures that a Frenchmen would want a cigarette fridge magnet ... we kicked their asses in WW2 and we should do it again

That's a pretty funny idea. Now the company should also produce those that look like arrows or plunger arrows.


Yes! Kill all the people who are different!

tss...tss...so like these stick to anything or just refridgerator? tss...tss...

I will probably buy a set for a much better purpose, to prank the shit out of my friends. When they think I just put out my cigarette on their car's hood...Gotcha!!

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