Cat That Looks Like Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort Has Trouble Getting Adopted

February 15, 2011


Charlie is a 14-year old kitty that had to have the tip of his nose and ears removed due to skin cancer. He's fine now except the animal shelter he's at fears he'll never get adopted because he looks like Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. Really? I'm surprised some crazy cat lady hasn't adopted him because he looks like Voldemort and would complete her live Harry Potter pet collection. You're sick and you need to get better, lady!

Workers at the Blue Cross animal charity say visitors have been scared off by the white cat's resemblance to Ralph Fiennes' character in the blockbuster movies.

And the similarities don't end there as Charlie must now live in solitude since he fell out with other animals at the sanctuary.

Now he sits alone, staring out of his castle cage, waiting to be freed.

'He looks you in the eye when you talk to him, loves fuss, lots of tickles and cuddles and wants to be near you.

*sobbing* GOD I'LL TAKE HIM, OKAY?! You see, I don't know anything about the Harry Potter series because I and most REAL WIZARDS don't appreciate that no-blood puggle or whatever Miss Rowlings spouting off about things she obviously knows nothing about. ONLY WITCHES KNOW MAGIC! *readying the fire* So, what's it gonna be: Liar? Or witch? Choose carefully but we still burn both.

UPDATE: Charlie has been adopted by a woman who does not give a shit about Harry Potter.

Hit the jump for several more shots, including one of Lord Voldemort for comparison. The nose, similarity ends at the nose.





Volder-mog! The homeless cat who can't find a new family because he looks like Harry Potter villain [dailymail]

Thanks to Evil Ares and the other person who sent me this whose email I couldn't find again, who're convinced their own cats look like Lord of the Rings characters.

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