Feb 28 2011Bench Press: Cheap And Sessy Advertising


Using word blocks to press things into people's skin so they walk around as free advertising: good idea. Using red-hot metal to press things into people's skin so they walk around as free advertising: better idea.

The ad agency DDB Auckland altered benches to press an advertisement for Superette, a clothing chain in New Zealand, into the bare legs of people who sit on them. They read "Short shorts on sale Superette".

Pretty clever, right? It is. Of course, it only works on women (and men) already wearing short shorts (or less), so you can forget about all the ladies in mom jeans doing your advertising for you. "BUT I LOVE WOMEN IN MOM JEANS!" Dude you'd love a woman in a parka and ski mask, stop acting so desperate.

Bench Presses Advertisement into Bare Thighs [neatorama]
How to Piss People Off In One Easy Step [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jody, who found out the hard (read: purse to the head) way that "I was trying to read the advertisement!" is a poor excuse for trying to stick your face two-inches from a woman's ass. Trust me, "I was trying to smell a fart" doesn't work either.

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Reader Comments


Wow advertising while i look at the girls ass xD

@ 1 neatorama via gizmodo


Most girls cross their legs so wouldnt it only be on one leg?

flat butt with skinny legs

would not read that ad

why not stamp a penis with balls?

@ 6 im with you.

Now they should do some marketing research and see how many people actually look at the ads and asses by mounting a camera on someone.

..until someone bigfat&hairy advertises it. Then its perversion in it's finest clothes

mow mow

I want to know what kind of idiot thought this was a good business endeavor? His/Her (Probably his) money would have been better spent on the excrement from my anus.

mow mow

reminds me of a less sexy version of this chick's work:

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It also features certified sin’gles and verif’ied beau’tiful women. GO and have a try….. ;)

I can see this being VERY bad in WV where I am. The fattest state in the country!! (facepalm)

@14 America in general is overweight. Probably why this advertising strategy was used in New Zealand lol

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