Which One Of You Was This?: How To Get Fired From Domino's In Style

January 12, 2011


This is a copy of the official termination form of some assistant manager from a Domino's in Whoknows, Orcares, USA. The important part is I happen to know it's one of you. So, yeah -- go ahead and fess up (also, try using your old employee-discount to order me an extra-large with mushrooms and banana peppers). Still, I think we can all agree this is entirely Domino's loss. THIS MAN HAS 'DELIVERY DRIVER' WRITTEN ALL OVER HIM! Literally -- probably in pepperonis.

Humorous Domino's Employee Termination Record [foodbeast]

Thanks to Staticwolf, ChrisTheMan and Shenanigans, who're all lobbying to get this guy teaching 'Job Quitting 101' at their local community college.

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