Jan 13 2011Wait -- They're Not P And G?!: The Most Searched Letters (And Numbers) On Google


For pr0n and Geekologie, yo!

Note: Full-res version of the chart HERE for those of you who refuse to admit you need glasses.

Ever wonder what the most searched letter on Google is? Of course not, who the f*** searches single letters in the first place? I assume these are all the result of people accidentally hitting 'ENTER' before finishing their query, but you never know -- maybe people actually give a shit about 'A' and 'I'. Me? Just T&A. *wink*

These Are the Most Popular Letters In the World According to Google [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jake, who was surprised to see '6' was the most searched number and not '3', as in, "3-way: how to get my girlfriend to have one'. I'm with you, 6 is a little ambitious!

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tss tss....I tried to google sumpthin once ya know and google was like "I can't find this it doesn't exist" and I was like wow I broke google or sumpthin ya know...tss tss...

Should be CP

Can we forget all this "tss-tss"ing nonsense and get back to me again?

POINTLESS STATISTIC because more people use geekologie

LESS PEOPLE USE GOOGLE because it's # 2 and.......

NOBODY USES BING because of its retarded name 'bing'

Fudgy Wudgie bars!

I think it's safe to say that RSTLNE can be replaced on Wheel of Fortune with ASTDMC. A STDMC....sounds like a Run DMC porn.

its tsk tsk you stui(d) f(u)ckwit, i'm sick of seeing your sh(i)t on every post

@8 he gets off trying to irritate other people & changes the way he does it between pop quizes, it's the only satisfaction you get when 13 yrs old means you know it all

As the infographic is in spanish, I suspect this applies to google in spain not worldwide.

tss tss...what's wrong with you people you seem stressed out. I'm just a guy tryin to make people laugh...tss tss...

ahhh you see google is like a number, the more you count it, the larger it groooooows.

@11 nobody is stressed, calling something extremely ghey doesn't mean stress

The fact that "A" and "I" are the top 2 searched letters makes total sense!

Think about it - they are the only 2 letters that are "words" on their own...

"How do _I_..."
"Where is _a_ good..."

6 at first 9 at last..69 lol

A is for pAmelA Anderson

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

tss tss...you spelled it wrong dummy...tss tss....

scanning down the columns, did anybody else see that message about an atom bomb in iceland?

Scrabble point and tile frequency should be based off this now.

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Yeah this is a very pointless statistic. Yet it makes me wonder why people search for a single letter? I bet that 97% of this statistic is based off stupid mistakes and typing errors that people make while using Google. @4, 8 and 9 I agree with you all! That "tss-tss"ing moron aka Chip Chipperson needs to stop with that crap. @ Chip Chipperson that "tss-tss"ing isn't funny. It doesn't make anyone laugh. Its very annoying. Try growing up. If you can't grow up then STFU and GTFO! Every damn thing you post on here just makes me want to track you down and kick your sorry tss tss"ing ass! GW really needs to block douche rockets like you. We are sick of spam and dumb asses like you Chip Chipperson. You and that guy that talks about gay sex all the damn time should have your asses kick and blocked!

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So, is anyone else not surprised that the 3 most searched for comments are STD?

*consonants*, not comments.

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Anyone see the correlation of the letters... P,O,R, & N?

Baby, if I made an infographic, U and I would be together. ;O

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