Jan 6 2011Use The Force Shoe Horn: Star Wars Heels


Luke, I am your father (but I've been dressing up like your mother, I just thought you should know).

Ladies: the peep-toe high heels you were looking for, or the peep-toe high heels you didn't know you were looking for because you got Manolo mind-tricked by that catty bitch working in the shoe department. Huh? WELL OF COURSE I KNOW MY HIGH-END SHOE DESIGNERS! Louboutin, Paccini, Gucci, Giambattista Valli, Jimmy Ch-- you know what? I'm just gonna stop there. I don't have to prove my superior fashion-sense to you! I looked all those names up online, I swear. Did I say swear? I meant pinky promise. GAAAAAAAAAH I KNOW EVEN WAY MORE THAN THOSE!

I Need These Shoes- Star Wars High Heels! [screenteamshow]

Thanks to Jessie and Blaqk Panda, who agree it's not weird if a man's into women's shoes as long as it's just to have sex with them and not wear around the house in a pair your girlfriend's underwear. LOLWUT?! TMI, amirite?

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GW i have a newfound lack of respect for you now, thanks for that

I'd hit a girl in that.

It's something cool put onto something terrible.

Someone created something mediocre here...

It's something terrible put onto something cool.

Someone created something mediocre here...

tss tss...star wars, I'm rooting for the sun ya know...tss tss....

The perfect footwear to go with those Star Wars themed corsets!

I'd look great wearing those and these...


Would be cooler/sexier as platform shoes.

Geeks ? What geeks ? I haven't seen one in years. Well, not on this website.

I had a nerdgasm, and I want those shoes so bad. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

peep toe? really? COME ON!

That's just wicked awesome...would definitely wear those..but hope the heel could be a little higher.

I just fell in love and now I want to tell the world. Do they come in a 4 inch heel version w. a hidden closed toe platform? That would be heaven! I'd never let them touch the ground. I'd just lay on my back and look up at them !

Anybody know which Etsy shop it was? Would love to get in touch and see if I can persuade them to custom make me a pair!

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