Jan 17 2011Too Far, You Went There: The TRON Audi R8


West Coast Customs teamed up with Monster Cables (WTF?!) to produce a TRON-themed Audi R8 because -- well -- I don't know why. Something about poor decision making and overpriced wires.

The car itself is an Audi R8, a car whose electric version has graced the digital pages of CNET UK once before, thanks to its clever wireless-charging capabilities. Very sneaky stuff.

This version of the R8, however, isn't quite so subtle -- with glowing rims, glowing vents, a glowing back seat and a chrome finish so perfectly reflective that you can check your hair and makeup in the car's bonnet. All the glowing bits gradually fade through a series of colours too, for added Tron-style excellence.

Those clever West Coast Customs lads have certainly done a good job adhering to the source material, even if this car is so shiny it's not likely to be road legal -- imagine catching an eyeful of your own headlights reflected in this beast...

Too shiny to be street legal? Well there goes my mirror-car! Seriously, it just drove by. Should probably stop leaving my keys in the ignition. But you know what they say, "hindsight's 20/20". Unless your looking in your rearview and my mirror-car's behind you, IN WHICH CASE THAT SHIT IS BLINDING.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of a wasted Audi.










WCC x Monster Cable's Tron Audi R8 Night Pics and Monster's Tron-themed Audi R8, tricked out by West Coast Customs [westcoastcustoms]

Thanks to Gargamel, who agrees it needs more neon underneath and enough subwoofers to rattle the wheels off BECAUSE THE MAN KNOWS CAR MODS.

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Reader Comments


I think all that chrome shininess is more ridiculous than all the EL wire

It's shiny... like this pair of fangs I bought one time, except they sent me the wrong ones.

oooohhhhh shiney!

should have more blue lines over the body like those lightcycles and lightrunners

zomg i want one. O_O

tss tss...yeah what if you drove it to the grocery store and someone banged it you would be pretty angry or sumpthin...tss tss...

Do waaaaaaaaaant!

I'd rather see it in black instead of chrome. Other than that, I like it.

Looks like one of my old hotwheels..coolness

way to waste 150k and ruin a beautiful car... so sad

If you add lights to anything, does it make it tron. I got a tron tree at this moment.

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

Looks sick, except for the seats, those just look stupid.

West Coast Customs was the shop from Pimp My Ride, so yeah, "Yo dawg, I heard you liked..."

I dunno GW, I would drive that...

*looks at more pictures* *sees eye rapping chrome* NVMD, someone needs deathing.

Now that's a movie themed ride right there... who owns this thing, I may have to go "Buy" it off them.

What #5 said.

would've looked better in a gloss black.
still want though.

Chrome to men is like diamonds to women. MORE BLUE.

Screw it, i'd totally do this if I had money and if it were street legal.

Why do douchebags always waste their money on shit like this?

Hahahah, that's badass. But Ryan Friedlinghaus is a douchebag, a conman, & a pretty good rip-off artist.

Oh, he also didn't start his shop with nothing but his hands & a 5k loan from his grandpa, he's just full of shit.

I gotta say, it turned out pretty well. Not 100% sure about the color though....

Oh, & let's not forget he secretly works with the FBI. OH YEAH, or the sexual harassment lawsuit he payed OUT THE ASS to keep from the press. Ms. Vermillion.

That guy with the TRON Segway feels seriously imasculated right about now.

@16 "Eye raping" is the perfect adj for this lol. Be a shame to spend all that and you can't drive it on the street. Black white or silver would've been so much better.

The only thing "Tron" themed about this car is the shade of blue they used. I mean seriously, if you showed this car without the caption, I doubt a single person would associate it with Tron. Literally all they did was chrome every inch of surface and and some lights in the grill, tires and seats. At least Segway Tron got it right - gloss black with luminescent lines.

Not TRON enough. The Dude is right, there is not enough glowing lines.

i would just like to add that the new owner of the tron-car is this man right here: http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/photos/uncategorized/2008/01/09/noel_lee.jpg

and there is no way he can drive that car. my friend works for monster cables and can vouch that mr. lee's legs are mostly useless. in fact, he's explained that he rides a segway because "wheelchairs are for poor people."

the car is amazing and im pretty sure no one here could even buy one so who cares about the color or anythig like it matters stfu rtards just say its an awesome car cos thats what it is

Apparently the cholos in my neighborhood have been driving Tron cars for the last 10 years. Light effects is hardly something new.

I wonder if it occurred to the West Coast Customs guys to go see the Tron movie, when they were asked to make the theme car. Or did someone just say "I dunno, I think it's supposed to glow or something".

They done it wrong.
The chrome ruined it all.

West Coast Customs should hire real designers who know what they're doing.

Disgustingly overdone. A show of excess in times of need. I can't believe it's even street-legal.

...and how can I own that baby...?

What have they done?!

I've already seen a Tron baby stroller, LED lightling like this design aren't new.

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