Jan 17 2011What, No Jacuzzi?!: Swiss Army Bathroom


A whole bathroom in a tidy little column, what will they come up with next? *Please say Everlasting Gobstoppers, please say Everlasting Gobstoppers* "No-wipe toilet paper". I'll take it!

The veritable Swiss Army bathroom has 7 rotating modules stacked and skewered to shrink bathroom footprints. Here's how it works: Services are fed from the top of the product through a hole in the ceiling, and waste pipes can be directed through a hole in the floor, or through the wall. It can be installed in a corner (with 100 degree rotation) or you can opt for Centre installation (with continuous rotation for most modules, and 200 degrees for others). Hidden TP and toilet brush storage are built in. Each unit is constructed of 3mm aluminum with 175 color choices in either a matte or gloss finish.

All this can be yours for about $10,000.

There's a diagram highlighting what each module does after the jump, but in case you're too lazy to push the button, I'll just break it down for you: the top two are showers, the third a cistern, fourth and fifth for storage, sixth a sink and seventh a shitter. Now I know what you're thinking -- "a sink AND a shitter, what's the purpose?" Ha, you're asking the wrong damn guy.

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Vertebrae compact bathroom is a bathroom kebab, of sorts [hardwareaisle]

Thanks to Leeman, who refuses to bathe anywhere without a massage option on the shower-head. Hey I'm with you. Feels good.

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Reader Comments

I want it! My bathroom could use an update. The tub is brown lol

Ohhh, space savers! I loves dem!

space savers and a time saver.

I could take a shower, brush my teeth and take a dump all at the same time

Old bathroom is old

This thing's all well and good until you're on the can, you reach to flush but accidently hit the "home" button and it rends you like an egg slicer.

If I had a bathroom like this, I could shit in the shower whitout making too much mess for my girlfriend/bang-maid.

@5, do you reach for the flush button while your on the john? You don't get up first to admire your crap? What a sorry sir you are...

@7, On the contrary, I would hope, nay, ASSUME, a contraption such as this would be fitted with a lid-cam and a heads-up display to admire any manner of effluvium one might encounter after a session. I mean, are we men or beasts?

I got a more centralised bathroom than that.
I do everything in the toilet.

I just have to remember to flush before I clean my teeth.

now i can poop and shower at the same time without having to poop in the actual shower... you think hair clogs are hard to get out

lol i hate the people who say they've seen stuff before but... i've seen this before. A long, looooong time ago, on i-am-bored.com

But still, good stuff. although the only reason i can think of for two showers is sessy time with your significant other xD

So, let's just say I woke up a took a shower. After I get dressed and before I leave for work, I have to take a dump. I now have to undress my bottom half or everything will get wet from the shower water on the floor. I'll pass on having my shower put water all over my bathroom floor thanks

People who don't have money for large bathrooms sure don't have $10k for this either.

I always wanted to shower while I poop.

Cool idea, except for the the shower soaking the shitter and all your storage.

It would be better if they simplified it to just a sink/WC combo, then it might get off the ground as a more mainstream product. Would be a big hit in Tokyo apartments!

This came out literially years ago

Great post, i like this, thanks.

So I can shower while making a 'deposit', and brush my teeth. All this thing now needs is a snack bar to be complete.

looks neat, but how does a free standing shower work? You can't just turn on a shower in the middle of your bathroom floor, everything would be wet... I guess you could add a floor drain and set up one of those 360° shower curtains?

Sweet! With this, I'll be able to fit a 3-way mirror into my bathroom. Lolz.

... just sayin

My OCD has fallen in LUURRRVVVVEEEEE with this :)

Ewww, washing your hands on top of the toilet. amirite?

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

1960 want their designer back.

remember in firefly when captain mal used the bathroom for a good 10 seconds?
yeah, probably not.
but serenity's bathroom is somewhat like this.

Supernice and genial. Thanks from Italy

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