Jan 14 2011PEW PEW!: Popping Popcorn With Lasers


This is a video of a guy popping a single kernel of popcorn using two of Wicked Lasers' 1W "Lightsaber" lasers. Yeah, and it only takes 60-seconds. WTF MAN?! The movie'll be over before your popcorn's ready! *lathering nips with butter sauce*

Hit the jump for a popcorn popping process only suitable for watching the Star Wars prequels.

Popcorn-Making Overkill [geekosystem]

Thanks to Miss Bowser, who pops her popcorn the old fashioned way: with magic. Uh, Miss Bowser? That's not magic that's a microwave.

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wow really? like we need to pop popcorn with a lazer. what ever happened to microwaves?

@2 microwaves are old technology. a.ll the cool kidsare popping their popcornw with gammawaves now.

I have that laser (pictured in the middle of link below) and this demonstration is true. My 1.5W lasers (last laser on the right in pic) would cut the plate in half though....


tss tss...yeah but if he eat's it his poop is gonna be itchy later or sumpthin I don't know I'm just talkin here...tss tss....

Maybe he got his idea from myth busters? haha


Wow.. It takes a "Real Genius" to do that... Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy.....

*waits* ;)

LOL i was wondering when someone was going to notice this is from an 80's college comedy movie.

I have a green laser 4 $200, I took it apart and took the filter out and now I can melt ice cubes, and light matches.

@8 this isn't from the 80s, real genius is

*Mounts a disco-ball and laser over the stove* You want a light show while popping corn, you got it!

Healthy lazah poppin' corn. No oil, all 100% lazah goodness.

That was so anticlimactic it was worse than sexx0r with an ugly girl you took home at 2am when there were no more options left

Eating blue-ray laser popped popcon... because he got superpowers then, right?

Or you could just use a microwave and pop an entire bag at once.


Pfff, boring....
I can turn bricks into glass with some of the laser I use at my job...

Shoot a bucket of kernels, chaos ist sweet. btw GW! I have asked like 8 times, why has no one smoked a bowl with one of these bitches?

Ok thats is a pretty damn expensive and labor intensive way to pop a single kernel of popcorn. I would just use a microwave and pop an entire bag at once and while sitting down in my La-Z-Boy recliner and eating that bag of popcorn I would use that blue laser to fry my piece of shit noisy asshole neighbor's retinas from the comforts of my home. Yup just open up my front door and point that blue laser beam of doom right in that assholes eyeballs and zap pop! I wonder it that laser could make my neighbor sterile. If it could make him sterile then I would do it. I would be doing the world a huge favor by cooking that [email protected]#%ers balls and preventing that fool from ever knocking up a chick. There would be at least 1 or 2 less arrogant bastards in this world. My neighbor is the reason why I'm up now. Can't sleep because that fat bastard just doesn't stop with the noise. Cops don't do shit about it. Nothing will make that prick shut up.



next thing you know he gets superpowers: "The blue-poop man" His special ability: shit blue poop.

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