Jan 31 2011OMG -- I Can See The Bone *Passes Out*: Mortal Kombat's Brutal New 'X-Ray Mode'


Developers of the new Mortal Kombat have revealed the newest edition to the franchise will include difficult-to-execute 'x-ray' moves, in which a character brutalizes another and the internal destruction is actually shown. *getting light-headed* What?! Like you've never seen a blogger write with a trashbag tied over his head!

"It's definitely the most brutal attack that we've ever had in a Mortal Kombat and it's something that we're very proud of," lead designer John Edwards told IGN.

"Not only from an artistic standpoint but from a gameplay standpoint."

"The first time we knew we were onto something big with X-ray Mode was at E3," art director Steve Beran said.

"I HAVE AN ORGASMIC REACTION EVERYTIME I SEE THE X-RAYS MOVES," drowning69coil is happy to admit after watching the Mortal Kombat preview at YouTube.

Whoa whoa whoa -- orgasmic reaction?! I'm not saying this guy needs to be institutionalized for a unhealthy obsession with gore, but I am saying I bet he stays up at night beating off to CSI reruns. YOU'RE SICK AND YOU NEED TO GET BETTER, HOMEY.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of the new moves and the develops talking about them.

Mortal Kombat - Inside the X-Ray [ign]
From the if-that's-even-possible department, Mortal Kombat ups the gore with 'X-ray Mode' [news.au]

Thanks to emm jay, who once tore a man's head off just to see if the spinal cord would actually pull out with it like you'd expect. WELL?!

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Not bad.. But still toned down because of consoles.

@1 nub. who cares

looks pretty damned cool. I might actually play a Mortal Kombat game for the first time in 10 years


ew gross...
but still kewl

I'm not a Mortal Kombat fan, however if I am to change my mind the bone animations had better stop looking cartoony and vibratey. Just do it as it should, snap in and perhaps come back a bit slowly.

Taken from the (non-video game Sonny Chiba starring) Street Fighter movies ironically enough!

I think the X Ray feature first appeared in the Fight Club game for (PS2?) which was unfortunately a really bad game.

@ Tojo.
Let's take it further - have a doctor come in, take the X-Ray, process the film, put it up in a lightbox, both he and Sub Zero (or whomever it is) discuss what's seen, Sub Zero goes home and then three weeks later when he gets the bill, he dies. Far more realistic!

That is awesome! I'm glad I pre-ordered it.

Sub-Zero freezing organs and shattering them inside his enemies? Oh yes.

Isn't that supposed to be addition not edition?

fake and gay

"...and it's something that we're very proud of, Not only from an artistic standpoint but from a gameplay standpoint."

Give me a fucking break. This is nothing but a fucking GIMMICK to get teenage boys to buy this tired, piece of shit series that was worn out a decade ago.

Sandbox games were a revolution. The advent of CD Roms was a revolution. Massive Multiplayer games have changed the landscape. Motion-controlled games are a revolution. These are things for developers to be proud of, not some fucking gimmick.

again and again and again . GW is selling something

Yes, Cory. the GW is just a shitty person whose only crutch is writing goofy wordplays and non-sequiturs to appeal to the increasingly pubescent readership of this now-tepid site.

Now I am going to be shocked into a breakdown when it's revealed that the GW and IWatchStuff writers are the same person and the GW is just a persona. It's the only way, GW. Say it, piggyback on your colleague's far superior credibility.

Mortal Combat = masturbation fodder for sadists!

So, it's not only gonna be fun (for some) but instructive...

I never liked MK as a kid...I know I'm weird I did play MK2 a lot only cause it was the only game I'm friend had. But maybe I shall pick this up it's looks epic.

of cours its fake

Wow I had no idea they were still making Mortal Kombat games, let alone the fact that "Crossing Over" host John Edwards was helming the project! Weird.

Now from the anatomy lessons that the original Mortal Kombat games taught me, when you blow someone up, the explosion will contain 3 ribcages, 4 or 5 intestines, 7 or 8 femurs, about 12 hand and foot stumps, and most of the blood will simply evaporate mid air.

From the x-ray shown here, that guy needs to have about 5 times as much guts in that hole!

They shoulda quit after part 2 and keep remaking part 2 over and over like Street Fighter did. TURBO ALPHA HYPER EDITION!!!

This shit is unnecessary.

three words: Romeo Must Die

This: http://bodybrowser.googlelabs.com/

and This: http://www.themortalkombat.com/

just made a baby!



First time in awhile that I may be tempted to play a Mortal Kombat game... This whole muslim hunting stuff is starting to drag on me a bit...

@12 no, but the next word should be in, not to

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