Jan 17 2011Needs Wormholes: The Star Wars Galaxy Map


I don't care if you used to bulls-eye womp rats in your T-16 back home, there's no way you can read that. Click HERE to see the thing in its full-res glory.

Ever wanted a map of the entire Star Wars galaxy to hang above your bed because supermodel posters give you a boner and it's awkward when your mom comes to wake you up in the morning morning? Enter the Star Wars Galaxy poster, a (get this!) poster of the Star Wars galaxy. Haha, where's Alderaan?

Star Wars Galaxy Map Finally Lets You Plot Those Imperial Trade Routes [fanboy]

Thanks to Eric, who stopped making the Kessel Run after they closed the In-N-Out near Formos.

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: O


Sar wars typo FTW!!!!!

Who knew? Apparently the Star Wars universe is only two dimensional.

Alderaan is in Section M-10

The N/S/E/W compass rose is useless. Directionality across the disc is coreward/rimward/trailing/spinward. North and south just refer to up and down on the axis of spin, and east and west don't mean anything.

I want to go to lego.

tss tss...yeah the stars are at war but it looks like they have a poor strategy or sumpthin ya know....tss tss....

huh-huh-huh, Gannaria

That's dumb. Lukas is retarded.

Anybody else feel like playing an epic game of battleship?

On the risk of sounding a whiny SW nerd; why did Qui-Gon Jinn decide they should go to Tatooine to repair their ship after leaving Naboo? And not to, say for example, stop at any of the dozen other planets in their route. And why even fly away from Coruscant in the first place?

Ok, I guess I am a whiny SW nerd.

I guess this makes the galaxy map in Battlefront a bit innaccurate. And maybe the galaxy maps from the KOTOR games, but it's been like 8 years since I played one so I don't remember.

@13 It's because their hyperdrive was broken, so they had to land somewhere nearby that wasn't too far out of their way... oh wait, nevermind it was just another Lucasism.

Actually I hit the map from the RSS feed and that was the first thing I checked. I just popped in to point that out but you beat me to it.

Just to nerd it up a little more on the whole Tatooine/Naboo issue, Tatooine has to be within sublight travel distance of Naboo, as their hyperdrive was not functional. From the looks of this map that is most certainly not the case.

Also, Honoghr is way too close to Kessel to be believably unknown.

Finally, Kamino... I can't find it, but wherever it is it's not where it's supposed to be. Rishi is in S-15, Kamino is supposed to be south of the Rishi maze, but there's no Kamino to be found.

I want to know why so much of the galaxy is unknown.

I couldn't help noticing two planets: Charro (which is a mexican folk music band member), and Empress Teta (Teta is tit in spanish).

Lotsa maps 'n Star Wars stuff to be found here:


And yes, this is old.
VERY old....


@17 - the map is actually incomplete, there is a huge section from about E-I and 4-7 thats part of the Chiss Ascendancy,

It was also described in one of the EU novels that the rest of the unknown regions had been "cliped" by another galaxy recently (Galactic ally speaking) that made Hyperspace travel next to impossible through the region

@13,@15, they needed a well traveled space port that was nearby, and also not under trade federation influence. Tatooine was the closest.

Correct me if im wrong but the Whole Darpa sector is missing from this map, the planets Ralltiir, Rhinnal, Esseles, and Lenniera. these planets should be between the core worlds and the colonies along the Perlemian Trade route.

No, you're totally right, that's why I came on to comment too :/
Maybe it was just too hard to fit all the core worlds in or something.


Kamino is not to be found cause it has be erased !

The map is total bullshit, basically.

For example, Obi Wan is on Geonosis. He tries to route a signal to Coruscant through Annakin who is supposedly on Naboo - presumably because it's closer. On this map, it's not. At least, not by anything you'd consider worthwhile.

And, instead, he finds that Annakin is on Tattooine, which is right the fuck next-to Geonosis according to this map. So he'd've been just as incapable of getting a signal to Coruscant.

And I could be wrong, but isn't Tattooine supposed to be on the edge of Hutt Space? Or at least what was formerly Hutt space?

Then there's Naboo itself. It was blockaded by the Trade Federation. Which implies it had some significance in trade for them to care enough about it to invade. But it's at the end of a minor trade route, and is actually a fair ways off from both major shipping lanes - making it effectively worthless.

Same with Mon Calamari. As I understand it, their economy was based on ship building and trade, yet they're in the ass end of nowhere.

And I'm not even a Warsie. I actively dislike Star Wars and only know this stuff from skimming IRC conversations between friends. And even I can pick this shit apart with little to no real effort.

@ 6

Alderaan WAS in Section M-10

@ 24: Instead of using phrases like "presumably", "I could be wrong", or "as I understand it" why not just drop by you local mega-bookstore and check out "Star Wars Essential Atlas". This map is from that book which throughout has close up "layers" of different sectors of the galaxy with descriptions and history which would remedy your false assumptions and understandings.

Should a space-chart not be 3 dimensional? I bet you won't get far with a 2D chart in outerspace...

Actually Alderaan is on the map at cooridinates M-10.

Sorry didn't see my fellow Nerds had already corrected Alderaans location.

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