Jan 13 2011It Really Tied The Room Together TO HELL -- MWAHAHAHA!!: The Demon-Spawnskin Rug


This is a demon-spawnskin rug created by DeviantARTist missmonster. As far as floor coverings go, I think we can all agree it beats the shit out of the other rug in the picture, which is a towel. And speaking of towels -- did I tell you my neighbor that owns the pedovan (link to picture of actual van on Facebook) also uses old bath-towels as window treatments? I'm not even kidding, despite how much I really wish I was. Plus one time when I came home I noticed one had fallen and I accidentally saw dude's wiener while he was changing. It looked like a rotting hotdog. "Uh, GW -- how do you know what a rotting hotdog looks like?" DER-DER, I WAS OUT OF RAMEN AND STARVING!!

Hit the jump for some impressive closeups.



Missmonster's DeviantART
Demon Skin Floor Rug is Extraordinarily Evil and Incredibly Awesome [obviouswinner]

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@ Guiness man. You fail!!


HOLY FUCK. Someone skinned the Krampus!

tss tss...looks looks like you might stump yer toe or sumpthin...tss tss thats me ejaculating ya know...tss tss

fucking christ I though I hit the brakes

@Chip Chippersonsons 'tss tss'ing....

Many memes have lasted on geekologie, some for months (for example softilicous - nobody liked and Daisy - most of us loved) ..... but your 'tss tss' thing, which apparently you're trying to piss ppl off with - - isn't working.

Since the impostoring names think died out before the new year & the tss thing isn't working, what will you try next? Nobody's copied & pasted all the comments into their own comment - what happened to that?

Don't get me wrong here my anonymous friend, the 'tss'ing' doesn't bother me or anyone else for that matter at all. What I'm curious about with you is why you're trying to do what you do. Are you really that ugly that your only point is to seperate yourself as far away from the rest of us as possible? You've been here for awhile & we're all going to have login profiles sometime soon (pfft GW) - so why bother?

....Always your friend & drinking (again),

rereading that sounds retarded because when I listen to my thoughts it sounds better (cept those voices whispering 'eat babies')

HEY LOOK... a baby

I have one of her paintings. She is awesome.

@9 I bet blood boils when dripped in the eyes of a crying child where you sleep

@4 Yup, that's a Krampus if I ever seen one! And I was really wondering where it went. One day it was on the Square with St. Nick, and the next it was gone. At least now I know Nick didn't eat it!

Looks like something from the Elder Scrolls games!

tss tss...what are you talkin about? I'm just a fun guy tryin to make jokes ya know...tss tss....

tss tss...also I have many fans on here as many people have posted under my identity, the only difference is, they're not as funny as me ya know...tss tss...

Her stuff is pretty neat, nice in person too.
I wonder what she'll do for cuddly stuff animals, aside from those dapper gental munsters. (hoping for a goat headed bird) :B

My aunty had a rug quite like that.


@ Chip Chipperson.
I'm not a fan. I find you mildly annoying and not at all funny.


tss. tss....well maybe if you weren't a girl you would get funny stuff ya know...tss tss....

Miss Monster has a bigcartel store... Just in case anyone cares.


@14 yeah, I give it a few weeks before it's dead forever. Then you'll try something else & it'll be gone in a month or so

tss tss....stop being a negative nancy...tss tss...

chip i'm a lady and i think you're funny sometimes. quit puttin womens in sense of humor boxes, got dammit! and naas, i think you're funny sometimes too.

h t t p : / / t a . g g /4 o r

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Hey its my grandma....i mean, no its my grandma's rug

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Looks like someone went and skinned Chip Chipperson mum for saying tss tss one to many damn times. @Chip Chipperson get the hint already. That tss tss'ing crap is just annoying the hell out of us all. Just grow up and stop being such a douche rocket! Anyway that is a awesome rug. I really want one!

In all reality that is a bad ass rug. I would like to have a rug like that chilling by my front door to scare off those damn annoying Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses that come banging on my door every damn Sunday morning. That would be a great way to freak out those nasty bible thumping freaks. I'll dress up in evil looking bloody clothing paint my face all Gothic like with blood highlights and holding a large knife and I'll have some heavy evil music playing in the back ground then went those assholes knock on my door I'll open the door while standing on that rug holding that knife and screaming in strange tongue, and just maybe that might work and finally keep those damn Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses from coming back to my house. They don't stop or get the hint. I'm pretty blunt but for the past 5 months they keep waking me the fuck up every Sunday morning. I mean every Sunday at 7am! I hate em! This Sunday I'll do that even if I don't have a rug like that! I'll make those morons think I'm possessed by every damn demon known to man! How else do you keep those assholes away from your house besides shooting at them? Sorry I'm drunk!

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@27. Tell them you're an atheist. It works for me.

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