Jan 19 2011Don't Tell The Bums: Heated Bus Stop 'Ovens'


In an attempt to win friends and influence people sell more bacon, egg & cheese biscuits, Caribou coffee shops had these bus stop oven ads placed around Minneapolis. You see, they're heated. Aaaaaaaand probably overflowing with homeless people by now. Just a heads up, Caribou: do not, I repeat, DO NOT remove the ads before spring comes or you can expect every last one of your coffee shops to be looted and burnt to the ground. Just sayin', I've been to Minneapolis in the winter before. Tried pissing my pants a little to stay warm and froze my pecker to my boxers. True story.

Caribou Coffee Installs a Toaster Oven Bus Stop Display [foodbeast]

Thanks to bekka t, who refuses to go anywhere near an oven after seeing what one can do to a My Little Pony. And to Laura, who actually lives in Minneapolis and says she goes through six of those little hand-warming packs a day. Try eating one.

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It's a Trap


So is this an advert for cannibalism?
'Cause it looks like they're going to cook people.
Yummy! Long pig!


reminds me of my first ex wife

I like my women hot too.

"Woman!" looks over at wife, "Get your ass over there and stand there for a day or two, at least."

*gets punched in the mouth, bleeding on keyboard.*

sadly... i'm sure you really did get your pecker frozen to your boxers
..... just sayin

Is your dad a baker??? Cause you got some fine buns!!!

Being Jewish this makes me a bit uncomfortable.

You can like put your sack on the grill to warm it.

Minneapolis? I live in Canada...
Let's all light the bus stop on fire to stay warm.

@9 fuuuuuuh..

tell me this is real, and if so, BRING THEM TO CANADA, STAT!

Seeing humans roasting in a big walk-in oven brings outs the cannibal in me! I so have dibs on the breasts and thighs off a nice young hen say around 21 years of age and about 115 to 120 pounds yum yum!

Anyway that is a pretty neat idea. Caribou Coffee should install a few of those toaster oven bus stops in my city. I don't ride the bus, but I feel bad for those who do. It pretty damn cold where I live.

I live in Ottawa, Canada and we've had heated bus shelters for years. So suck on that.

Lets hope they don't set up these bus stops near, or on the way to, any synagogues. O,o

Finally a heated bus stop! Now I have a place to warm up my balls up after having my sack hanging out in the bitter cold for around 30 minutes because I paid some cheap whore to suck me off in a back-alley. She was good at suckie suckie but she didn't cup my balls. I should of slapped her on the back of the head and told her cup my balls and to keep them off the ground so I don't catch a bad cold, but I was in the moment and things were about to go down hill because I blew massive thunder-wad in eye when that whore stopped sucking me off just for a brief moment to catch her breath.

Wasn't my fault that I blew my hot sack-wax in her eye like how Spider Man shoots a web to web sling, when she stopped sucking and my cock it was out in the open and this very hellish cold breeze hit my cock and since it was hard ripe and wet with that whore's mouth fluids it just caused me to blow one hell of a torpedo in that poor hookers eye. She might be blind in that eye now sadly. that's too bad because she is well trained whore with great weekly specials. Like how today was ass to mouth Wednesdays and tomorrow is the double suck for half the buck Thursdays. I should now take the whores that I rent hourly to one of these warm bus stops and do our sordid, unprepossessing dirty sexual deeds there where it's warm.

Also I want to say thanks to Caribou Coffee for installing those warm toaster oven bus stop so when I hire me a whore I don't need to waste extra money to rent a hotel/motel to screw in and I don't have to screw them in my car either which I really hate to do. It's hard to get the smell of hooker out of your car and I don't want my wife to find out. My wife smell that it's game over for me!

@9 Jewish huh? You might like this joke! What's the difference between a pizza and a Jew? The pizza doesn't scream in the oven! Bah Bing! No no people! I'm not racist.
I hate everyone equally.

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