Jan 31 2011BURNINATE!: Kid Makes Backyard Death-Ray Out Of Satellite Dish And Ton Of Little Mirrors


Seen here putting the hurt on a piece of dead tree (do your hand next!), 19-year old Eric Jacqmain demonstrates his homemade death-ray, which looks suspiciously like a satellite dish with a ton of little mirrors glued on. God, JUST THINK OF THE MOSAIC YOU COULD HAVE MADE!

When aligned correctly it can generate a heat spot a couple of centimetres across, with an intensity of 5,000 shining suns, the 19-year-old claims.

The ray generates enough power to melt steel, vaporize aluminum, boil concrete, turn dirt into lava, and obliterate any organic material in an instant.

'I have vaporized before carbon, which occurs above 6,500 Fahrenheit.'

Unfortunately for Jacqmain, his 'death ray' dish met it's own grisly end when it was destroyed in a shed fire.

Jacqmain added: 'Yeah. It "committed suicide". It's very likely that it was the cause of the fire. Nothing left of it but half melted wagon parts and the adjustable mount.'

HAHA! Well of course it set the shed on fire, IT'S A F***ING DEATH-RAY. A ray that can't even burn its own house down isn't exactly a death-ray, now is it? No, it's not. It's a sissy-ray and deserves to sleep in the yard with a tarp over it like the sissy-sandbox the cat still shits in. MAYBE IF YOU WERE QUICKSAND THAT WOULDN'T HAPPEN.

Hit the jump for a video of the ray in action that may or may yes be set the the awesomest soundtrack I've ever heard.

Look what I made, mum! Teenager builds 'death-ray' which can burn through almost anything [dailymail]

Thanks to Romeo, Robbimus Prime, Chaygavvara and Katie, who burn things the old-fashioned way: with the very same flame Prometheus stole from Zeus. WOW -- old-fashioned is right!

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Reader Comments

cool. btw first!

This kid wins.

Ah, so he saw that artical about the hotel, then?


Destroyed in a shed fire...
Oh, the irony!!!!!!!

I call bullshit! If Mythbusters couldn't do it, there is no way this kid could.

that kicks so much ass

meh thats old school

seriously, this guy built a death ray mirror but couldn't put a blanket over it while he stored it, so that it wouldn't burn down his shed?

in the words of G.O.B.


So he was ready for the giant ant attack of 2012 but they sent a robot from the future to destroy it in a fire?

yes but does it pop balloons??

How does he NOT melt a G.I. Joe with that thing?!

soundtrack reminds me of phantasy star online...aahhh the memories.

He is a f^#k!ng retard. his hand will burn to a pulp and it wont be bloody... just a cooked scab looking like tom berenger.

yeah, this is bullshit. Mythbusters couldn't do it, this guy obviously cant make something that powerful.

its basically a giant inverted disco ball. how come disco balls dont make dirt into lava and burn carbon at the right angle? and does anyone know what the logistics of many little mirrors attributing to the added heat as opposed to just one big mirror are?

what if someone walks by it in the yard by mistake?

Click above to see what it does to human flesh.

"wherever it's needed..."
- Honey I need the death-ray 5800 to burn my genital warts, again :(

oh fuck, this boy is so fucking nerd that he didn't really build this crap by himself... his dad did. Professor Garcha

It is possible to do this, how the Mythbusters in all their glory and power were unable to replicate it i don't know. I made a small version of this in high school and it worked pretty well. It was made with a bowl that was shaped perfectly and It burned pretty nice. This is possible. and a disco ball won't do this at the "right angle" because the mirrors on a disco ball reflect light in many different directions. This concentrates all the reflections into a single focal point. Did you not take basic science in middle school?

at 17: free haircut

I don't get why everyone is calling bs. You can do something similar with a magnifying glass on a summer day, and to me it stands to reason that with a big enough lens or enough reflecting surfaces this would be possible. I doubt it refocuses light to the power of "5000 suns" though; unless someone could site the calculation used to arrive at that number.

I wonder if you could smoke that mud?

This is absolutely possible. Whether or not this kid ACTUALLY did make it is a mystery. But if you paid attention in science and geometry class this is possible.


MythBusters tried to burn a boat from great distance, these are completely different situations. If they wanted to make a death ray this size they would achieve it in a few hours. Also, they used peole to hold the mirrors wich means the rays were not focused and the kid had a stable parabolic shape to drive the rays. Anyway

Rockville, MD has it's own death ray. http://rockvillecentral.com/2011/01/potd-death-ray-veiled.html/

Total fail for not burning a gummy bear. It deserved to be destroyed in the shed. Too bad youtube wasn't in there as well.

Isn't it easier to cover the dish with chrome paint?

What if you put a hole in the middle of the dish and another mirror at the focal point that redirect de heat to this hole keeping it as straight as possible and you rig a lens system in the hole that allow you to reconverge the ray and to decide at what distance you want to reconverge it? Could this be possible? And can I put one on the top of my building to burn the human-ant on the ground?

It's just like the Bond movie!

meh... I'm lazy and I don't have as much free time as this kid, so I'll just buy a magnifying glass and roast me some mallows with that.


The brilliance to build a "death ray"
The stupidity to put it in a WOODEN SHED!

It's like that scene in Futurama where Prof. Wernstrom's reflecting satellite he used to help block the rays of the sun to cool the earth, but then the reflecting satellite gets hit by a space rock, spins around, and burns a beam through the city.... just like the scene in Never Back Down, when Max....
..... just sayin

@30, it would be a better way of doing it, with the chrome paint, but it would have to be perfectly level and whatnot, which would be difficult would it not? i dunno... im pretty fuckin high tbh.

So hot the rock shat itself!

Suck on that mythbusters

HA! It burnt down on my 22nd birthday!

*And the death ray comes in the NIIIiiiiIIIIiiight!*

Which Bond movie... Diamonds Are Forever or when it was ripped off in Die Another Day?


He burned Faygo :(

5000 suns must not be very bright. That was anti climactic. ):

Still awesome tough.

In Soviet Russia death ray kills itself!

before kevin perrera (douche bag supreme of G4 tv) ran off total geek hottie olivia munn, and before attack of the show changed its name for the 15th time in 5 years (not even kidding) they built a model much like this to burn through paris hiltons book (yes she has a book and the death beam was put to good use) it burned like GW's drunken asshole after shoving 50 bottle rockets in it and then crumpled into 5 million pieces, however paris hiltons book was halfway demolished. so yes, its true...can be done...by the way i want to say fuck kevin perrera he's an asshole who has to run off hot girls so he can keep his job, g4 is cool, but a -50 dkp for keeping kevin...please die kevin, your worse than daniel tosh... worst music ever by the way....

I'd like to see how well that thing would cook a quote unquote hot-dog and I mean my small boyish wiener.

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Right so this kid can make a 'death ray' but he doesn't know that lava is igneous molten rock not dirt?

@31, i'm guessing the mirror at the focal point would burn up. and i'm guessing you weren't really asking...

Not that new or huge, some solar power experimenters on youtube have made MUCH larger ones. I think one guy is Green Power Science or something and there's a guy who mounted one on a lawnmower as well.

This is fuckin disco ball antenna!

Erm... So, we assume about 1 kW/sqm of energy for the sunlight. That's 5 MW/sqm, then, concentrated on a few cm²s...!

Mythbusters was trying to be historically correct and use a bronze reflection. This is modern glass. Apples to Oranges boys n girls.



U mad virgin?


this kid is awesome..
too bad mythbuster couldnt pull it off..

I WANT ONE DAMMIT. I'll make it for my 21st birthday to burn all my Mum's cigarettes. XD


...5,000 suns, right


OMG you people are so reeettarrdded
this works my physics proff made one .
its basically how satellites work!! duh~

Cockeyed dot com Rob did it a couple of years ago... cool then, his was on an oldschool giant sat dish.

It works all right, though I'd need evidence to believe the claim of vaporizing carbon. This dish is simply too small to achieve that kind of heat from what I've seen done before. I've seen solar furnaces that can hit that kind of temperature, and they are huge.

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