Dec 17 2010The 'Just Been Attacked By A Zombie' Hoodie


This is a $60 hoodie from ThinkGeek that makes it look like you've just been attacked by a zombie and your brain's falling out the back of your head. The blood and slash effects aren't too realistic, but it's probably for the best since you don't actually want anybody calling the cops because, let's be honest, you've been drinking.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the carnage and a link to the product page.



ThinkGeek Product Site

Thanks to Melissa, who actually buys cow blood from the butcher and -- you know what? Just stop there, I don't even wanna know.

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First Blood


....and good friday morning to everyone who's in the 'friday morning' timezone right now :)

This is pretty sweet. Thinkgeek always has great stuff.

My teacher told me zombies would leave me alone. I have nothing they want. She says I'm speshal.

Q: What happens when Chuck Norris is bitten by a zombie?

A: No one bites Chuck. He bites the zombie and it turns into Chuck Norris.

This looks like crap. It's a fun idea, but terrible execution. You'd be better off buying a $1 hoodie from Goodwill and cutting it up a little while adding some fake blood. The dudes on zombie walks and undead fetishists do it all the time.

I'm guessing that Scott douche is gonna say it needs more gay sex.

I agree with Jonathan. Great idea, but the execution looks like shit.

Sadly I am going to have to agree with Jonathan. The only cool thing about this hoody is maybe the brain lining in the hood. The rest of it is lame.

I was attacked by a zombie hoard, and all I got was this hoodie.

I don't so much agree with Jonathan. A great idea, yes, but how much are you expecting from a hoodie? I mean, yeah, $60 seems a bit much, but maybe it's just not in the kind of artistic style that you'd like it to be.
Maybe supposed to look a little more cartoony, and your anus is just too puckered for you to accept that not everything is going to reach your clothing standards.

Just sayin'.

@12 Bravo, sir!

I just planted a bunch of sunflowers and bellsprouts in my front yard, I'll be just fine in a zombie apocalypse

jojodrum3, of course it does

you don't need me to say that

you realized it on your own

good for you

I agree with Nick.

I agree with Mr. Sausage

i agree with scott

Wow, for once I agree with my clone! This actually DOES look kinda poor-quality. Not that it's cartoony, since that's not a bad thing (as @12 pointed out), but it just looks cheaply-made, like the details and extra bits will fall off after a few washes.

Although that might be just because of the photograph quality. Seeing it in person might be a whole different story. ThinkGeek does sell some high-quality stuff, so I'd give them the benefit of the doubt.

I disagree with my clone agreeing with me.

@5.&6 I almost fell of my chair!

.... *sigh*. Really?

Looks like you were attacked by a zombie - or the time I walked in on my Mom changing her pad.

$60 is way too much. Maybe $25.

@21 I almost fell out of my iron lung!

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wow that is ugly.

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