Dec 29 2010The Future Is Now: Climate-Controlled Clothes


Plus you look cool. Get it -- cool?!

Brad Pitt here is modeling a jacket designed by Kranthi Kiran Vistakula that features a climate-control system that allows the user to maintain a steady temperature regardless of weather. You hear that, Mother Nature? YOU DON'T OWN ME!

ClimaWare apparel can operate for eight hours on a single charge, and the vest (pictured right) weighs the same as a pair of jeans. Vistakula's apparel, which also includes a helmet, neckwrap and jacket, is lined with metal pucks placed at spots on the body where blood vessels are most dense to more efficiently regulate body temperature. The pucks are made of two different metals, so that one heats up, and the other cools down. The resulting energy is transferred to the skin through a thermoelectric lining stitched inside the clothing.

Pretty neat, right? Of course, I've been wearing climate-controlled clothing for years. They're called layers. I usually start with three, and if it gets too hot I take one off. If I get cold I put one back on. And I'm feeling really randy I take them all off and spin my penis like an airplane propeller.

MIT Student's Nanotech Threads Adjust to Any Season [switched]

Thnks to TB-303, who may or may yes be a Roland brand synthesizer.

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Reader Comments

FIRST!!! tee hee!

GW, I would take you as the kind of guy that would say "irregardless", but you didn't, so I'm proud of you.

I bet $2 that TB-303 doesn't actually have a 303 - - but if I am wrong then...... impressive

If you follow the links back, you'll notice that he is not modeling his own jacket. The guy in the picture is not the inventor.

All we need to do is get it to harvest urine and feces for reprocessing and we've got ourselves a still suit.

Oh GW you so punny.

...your jacket is dry.

as a goaltender, pucks are an abomination!

as a note to the inventor, dont try to market this fashionably. just sell it to rei, northface and columbia, take the money and run.

cool digs yo! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!


Make the pucks have backlit LED's so I can look like Commander Shephard from Mass Effect.

why did i put a "t" at the end of my name. I'M A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!! ><


Peltier coolers for people. :)

10 stabbing boners could get past that thing

Sharper Image was selling a peltior effect "wearable air conditioner" over 20 years ago.

Ultimate Thor?

Naas, you'd win the 2$, I don't have one yet, out of my price range so far. I hope to get one in the future because I love acid techno.

Peltiers? Pfff... my phase change jacket is way cooler.

This is pretty neat but living in a prefectly climate-controlled environment will suprisingly make you fat... the body has to burn alot of calories to regulate it's own temperature.


Louis of

8 hrs seems short. they should combine it with one of those suits that generates electricity from your body movement, then it would last longer.



damn, I hate living in a third world country with no (cheaper) access to these kind of technoogies THAT I TOTALLY KNEW OF LONG AGO!!


It's not Brad Pitt

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