Storm-Proof Matches Can Be Doused w/ H2O, Stomped & Buried And Still Continue To Burn

December 1, 2010


Smokey the Bear isn't laughing.

This is a video from a Youtube user dalemclmm testing REI's Storm Proof Matches. Tests include: burial, stomping and water-dousing, then all three at once. I'm not really surprised the matches survive considering they're sulfur-coated (versus a traditional wax-dip for weatherproofing), it's just impressive to watch. $5.50 gets you two boxes of 25 matches. Plus I read in the product reviews they're great for performing tricks to impress women at the bar. As in, "hey sessy lady -- I bet you the shirt you're wearing I can dunk this match in water and it'll still burn". BOOM -- another novelty Christmas sweater for your closet! (Next time wait for somebody younger).

Hit the jump for the short but neat-to-watch video and a link to product site.

REI Product Site


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