Dec 20 2010OMG -- He's Not A Real Dino!: Yoshi Mech


Didn't see that one coming. And to think I used to have a crush on the little guy! Just goes to show, you never know what a potential lover is hiding on the inside. Granted it's usually a penis taped between her buttcheeks, but in this case it's a bunch of gears and an even tinier mechanical Yoshi. Gaaaaah, I can't decide which is worse but I'm leaning towards not the penis thing!

Kodakoala's Flickr (with a bunch more angles and closeups)
Custom Yoshi Mech by Donald "KodyKoala" Kennedy [tinycartridge]

Thanks to raficus and Blaqk Panda, who would rather ride on the short bus.

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Reader Comments

That, my friend, is my way of "rolling"

... this needs to be in the next Mario game, whatever it may be. Too freaking cool.

And I was about to send you a giant GW mech for xmas. :'(

doesn't it seem a bit narcissistic to make a mech that looks exactly like yourself...

and again a piece of LEGO!

right at the corner of the mouth..

not scary. ... SCARY! ROBOT!]

Louis of

@6 - can you stop posting your lame blog here please... it really does suck.

@7 agreed

Why is Yoshi wearing shoes. Cuter with bare feet.

Solid Gold!

@3 What would a GW mech look like?

^ Also, what functions would it have?

Ugh, a joke about trans women? Really?

There are a bunch of trans geeks out there and reading that on your site makes us less likely to come back. Way to ruin the experience of looking at fun geeky things.

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