Dec 14 2010NES Guitar Certainly Adds New Meaning To Playing Nintendo. Doesen't it? DOESN'T IT?!


I just punched myself in the face for writing that title. "Good start -- do your balls next!" Wow, I love you too. This is a Nintendo that's been gutted and turned into a guitar. It doesn't play games anymore, but it does play music! *air-guitaring Come As You Are* NEEDS MORE POWER GLOVE.

Custom 6 String Electric Guitar with an NES body. Features a standard neck with a hard-tail bridge. Single coil pickup with volume control and an output jack. (Note: Each guitar will be slightly different with constant improvements to the design)

Some guy was selling them for $150 with $20 shipping but he's currently sold out. You can check out his page though to stay abreast (I prefer pairs) when more are available. Oooooor you can stick around here and actually learn something. It might not be anything you wanted to learn, but I'm bound to teach you something. Also, bound to my desk and gagged. I think I'm being robbed!

Hit the jump for a video of NES-shredding action.

Product Site (with more pictures and info)
The Nintendo Electric Guitar [obviouswinner]

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Reader Comments

but does it still play Metroid?

otherwise why would I want it

You earned that one, GW.

Nice one



Should have used someone who can play worth a damn for the video. Was that first one a fucking Sheryl Crow song?

bad guitar playing is bad.

That's pretty sweet, nicely done with it's construction.

I like to see if this guy can do some classic Nintendo game themes.

I love how there's a tuning key gear cover keeping the cartridge slot closed.

I wonder what would happen if there was a Captain Planet Chuck Norris?

Not that impressed, if it had a clean sound I would like it, but theres way to much reverb.

I would love to take a giant dump on that thing

needs R.O.B. on turntables.

sucks no whammy bar.:(

put wheels on it and call it a skateboard. put your drink on it and call it a coaster, put your dick in it and call it your wife

Pretty bad ass I think... I might just build one for myself.. To bad the guy can't play worth a shit.. Maybe I can give this guy some guitar lessons and for payment he can give me one of those bad guitars..

Now someone needs to make a Sega Genesis bass and an Atari Jaguar drum set.

when does said SHREDDING come in. i wanna see someone playing this thing not plinking slow van halen riffs and crying about his gf that wes anderson movies stole from him

Dude AWESOME Guitar , AWFUL ¨ Player¨ !!!!!

This'd be a good gimmick for a band like Ozma.

There should TOTALLY be a NES controller at the top. Gonna do it, then do it hardcore.

@16 and a ps1 tambourine

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This is a shopping paradise

HAHAHA!!! He even got a bad rendition of smoke on the water. He just needs to do Stairway to Heaven, Smells Like Teen Spirit or Come as you are, or the opening to Enter Sandman, and his guitar Noobness will be complete!!!

Damn waste of an NES console.

If people keep ruining them for every pointless mod they can think of, there will be less and less original units left. (And before you say it, many units that people think are already dead can actually be fixed.)

There are some (unauthorized) NES architecture clones being manufactured and sold in the Third World now, but there are no more genuine originals being made. At the moment there still may be a fair number of originals available, but not if crap like this continues.

People, stop looking for random things to shove in classic systems. If you're incapable of actually appreciating them for what they're supposed to be, what they actually due WELL, give them to people who can.

If you had a Ford Model T, would you turn it into a crude, ungainly rowboat? It's not creative the thousandth time someone decides to shove [random object X] into a classic system case to make an awkward combination. Anyone who was actually a real fan of the systems wouldn't do this stupid crap.

I've noticed a lot of young people these days affecting a nostalgia for systems they never actually played as kids -- the systems' heydays were actually five or more years before they were born. If your pseudo-enthusiasm gives you ideas like this, just sod off find some other stupid trend to follow.

3 words: dude.gamecube banjo

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