Dec 6 2010Naughty Santa And Polar Bear At


Get an igloo, God!

What, reindeer and elves not doing it for you anymore? Seen here about to ride the Polar Express to Plowtown on a bear wearing a scarf, Santa apparently decided to add himself to the naughty list this year. You krinky, Saint Nick! Which -- you didn't actually mean to leave the switches at my house last year, did you? That's what I was afraid of: sex toys.

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Thanks to Sarah, who swears she saw Mrs. Claus getting down with a penguin in somebody's yard this year. NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

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Fist, anger

Go Santa!


Santa looks more like he's about to karate-chop that bear's butt in half.

I am glad i can come back to work on monday, and after a horrible weekend of family and crappy football, i can productivly not do my work and read the best stuff for ever. srsly

You have a needlessly dirty mind. Santa? Honestly?

But you do have a point. . .

I wish that Santa had tighter pants.

I wish the polar bear was more anthropomorphic. That would be super hot.

I wish Jonathan would comment more.

I wish more people would promote their blogs in blog comments.

"Get an igloo, God!"

LMFAO! I cracked up in the middle of a lecture in the study hall.

I wish people wouldn't screw around in blog comments.

Thank you for your Chrimbus wishes, everyone. Unfortunately, I am only going to make the furry fanatic's wish come true. The rest of you will have to do a better job trimming your Chrimbus bush next year.

I wish you all wouldnt constantly think I have sex with polar bears.

I wish people would wish less people to wish less wishes.

polar ass - the best variety.

@14: We don't, Santa.

We think you constantly have sex with worker elves.

I wish he wore protection :( "aids")

doesnt look that dirty :/

Ho Ho Ho

@16: Suck Dick Jonathan no one likes you and no one ever liked you. Your getting coal this year

I wish the polar bear knew he had me even before Santa was inside him. Don't blame the fat man - remember that night with that filthy narwhal?

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. Aids infested.

I wish Jonathan would suck me. Santa demands it. He likes to watch.


What's this crap about the narwhals? Everyone knows that manatees are the unicorns of the sea. You just have to look somewhere else for the horn. Hung like giant icicles and constantly erect, those sea cows. I mean unicorns.

It is such an honor to be nominated for the unicorn of the sea award. I would personally like to thank god (the sea god Poseidon), The polar bear, Santa and the filthy Narwhal.

I have to stop reading Geekologie... I was so nice and decent before... Nah, just kidding!

Santa Claus is REAL, i read it in a book once... y'all are just ignorant cuz you don't believe.

Where's the festivus pole?

Careful Yames - Oy... might come around and tell you off for referencing something older than this week. Festivus is Seinfeld was on.

It's just like in that episode of Seinfeld where they had the candy bars and Kramer came in the room and made a funny noise because George and Jerry were naked with an elk and had already inserted FOUR Milky Ways.

Uncle Crimbo, Santa Clause's older brother, has always over looked by elfs and other humans. But this is a new low for Saint Nick. Polars were Uncle Crimbo's thing, they love his huge cock but now Mr. Clause has to take that away from him as well

This reminds me of the weird Santa and Frosty thing I saw at Big Lots. Fortunately someone else found it too.

Here's a picture:

And here's a video:

I wish chicks would walk around topless

Ho Ho Ho! Just sayin........

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