Dec 8 2010FLY IN MY MOUTH!: Angry Birds Cake Pops


I leave my iPhone on the back of the toilet tank because I'm working on 3-starring all the Angry Bird levels while I sit on the john. So yeah, think twice before you borrow somebody else's phone -- your mouth is probably an inch away from shit particulate. [Insert transition to cake here] These are Angry Bird themed cake pops (cake balls covered in chocolate/decorations). Look good, don't they? They do. Which -- QUICK GUYS, I JUST SAW SOME BACON MAKING OFF WITH YOUR EGGS IN MY STOMACH! *licking lips* Works every time.

Hit the jump for an individual shot of each species.






Angry Birds Cake Pops! [thesweetsbar]

Thanks to kim, who's petitioning to have cake-pops added to the food pyramid. Where do I sign?

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Reader Comments

The return of Jaja = First :D


App-themed cake products? What next, Farmville cookies?

So its been a while since i have written. i just had to hear.
Did GW write this post while getting pounded in the ass by a big black dude. this is the gayest post ever. the subject sucks and the writing is just.... well... GAY!

the blue one should have three smaller cakes in it

and the black one should explode chocolate deliciousness in my mouth

... wow that sounds... wow. =|

"Thanks to kim, who claims a mob of angry birds once bombarded her car with "

Way to end a sentence, GW.

@4 I would have liked this to be a little gayer, actually. Possibly with some teabagging and maybe even a same-sex marriage followed by an adoption or two.

Great, now I have cravings for cake! And I just finished a chocolate an hour ago! How much sugar do you need, brain?

These are awesome!! But where are the pigs??

So, this is what happens to dango possessed by bird demons.

Wtf is wrong with you ppl, dont hate , appreciate!!>:| BLACK POWAAA!!!!

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