Dec 5 2010Desecrating Childhoods: Muppet Burlesque


Note: Jump is NSFW on account of disturbing imagery (read: pastied children's show characters).

Who knew Sesame Street was in the red light district? I did not. I'm kind of wishing I still didn't. But on account of my unbiased journalistic integrity, this is a series of photos taken at the recent 'Muppet Show Part Deux' burlesque extravaganza in NYC. That's Ms. Piggy there. Snout nips, yo. Hit the jump to see all your favorite characters in ways not even the very sickest of your brains could have imagined. And that's saying a lot because at least half of you should be locked up on account of your imaginations alone. You think I haven't probed your mind before? Snuck in through the butt.

Hit the jump and instantly regret it.








Muppets Burlesque Brings Us Sexy Cookie Monster, Big Bird in Pasties [asylum]

Thanks to Marko and Charlene, who know what they like and this is definitely not it.

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Aaargh! mY eyes!

What has been seen, cannot be unseen [sobs]

Do want.

to quote morgan freeman in the dark knight:
"this is wrong"

You sick, twisted fruitloops. Die.

It's a puzzle! It want's us to fine 9 mistakes..

Oscar made me sad

Permission to return to my planet, Commander. I believe this world in total chaos, and thus my work here is complete.


This is supposed to be hot?

lovely cahonas on big bird there, very nice.

wait a second, BIG BIRD??

That Cookie Monster needs to eat a few more cookies.

I just thank god there was no Snuffalufagus (spelling?)

This is some gross shit.... its that nipple a pig nose!?! WTF

What. The. Fuck.
This is utterly disturbing

Um.... Red Fraggle kinda got me a little tit hot...

Day in day out GW you shit on the childhoods of Gen-X'ers with your Star Wars alcohol splatter on the back of the toilet. You are not Gen-X you are Generation Snowflake Cowboy. I'll personally eat a sandwich in your honor if you would suddenly swap intensity and go wolvie berserker on the Muppets and leave Star Wars to yo momma.

rule 34?

All of them confuse me, but The Count and Miss Piggy are, by far, the most confusing and disturbing.

MAN, i've seen that show 20 times irl already.

GW probed my mind. He must work @ google. He owes me a dollar.

If Ms Piggy's nips are pig snouts, I wonder what Snuffleupagass' wii-wii looks how? Guess I'll ask Bert.

This is just gross.

Those are rubbish on all fronts!

Red Fraggle was actually kinda hot the rest though... hmm not so sure and oscar totally wiped all the good thoughts Red had put in my head....why would they do such a thing???

AT The people that made this I want to seriously say FVCK YOU
I doubt anyone connected to this project reads this blog ,but in the off chance, FVCK YOU FVCK YOU YOU GROSS @$$ HOLES
and the girls that did this
FVCK YOU you skinny ugly B!TCHE$ FVCK YOU

seriously, is not that this is disrturbing, is that is gross, is not funny, is not clever
WTF was the point really? who was the moron that was allowed to create this
and why are skinny gross b!tches doing this
the one I hate the most is the B!tch with the hairy chest, FVCK YOU
I hate this post so much, i see naked women but all i can think about is vomiting

I'm pretty sure I work with that last guy there...


++ ++

Is it just me, or does Big Bird look... old? Like "Dorothy from The Golden Girls" old.

Dear god, thank you, I'm noticed.

So much regret. SO MUCH

Does the Count have like...



Considering some of the good quality burlesque acts that have been showcased on this site, these Muppet acts/costumes are horrible. The whole creepy factor aside, very, very few of them resemble the original characters at all & the costumes aren't very well done. Not only is the hair color of the Miss Piggie dancer incorrect, but you can see the majority of the foam insert the dancer is using to boost her bouffant- something that screams tickety tack & poor craftmanship in general.

If you're going to do a burlesque show featuring known characters, take that extra time to do it right. Burlesque is not just people showing some T&A.

the nipples scare me o.o

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burlesque girls are fat/ugly
strippers are hot

just say no to burlesque

Sometimes this site really is useless

Do NOT want.

._. o_o 0_0 O_O F**K F**K F**K....f**k.......facepalms self

eh. maybe if the girls were hot, and didn't just look like hipster weirdos. :(

I don't know, I kind of liked it. In fact I'm tickling my elmo right now, if you know what I mean. And if you don't know what I mean, I'm masturbating.


The shadows are all wrong!!!!

Ah burlesque (aka Strip Club for Fuglies), The only venue homley, closeted freaks in high school could find to sate their delusional and sad wall flower lives.

A lot of you people have very negative idea's about burlesque and what is even more disturbing is the lack of maturity in your attempt to rip apart the people who perform. Marlewy has some serious issues, and I can 100% guarantee you are morbidly obese and would make most "skinny bitches" want to throw up, not that they would ever see you face to face because they don't hang out in McDonalds. I know a couple of these people personally and they are awesome people with good hearts and it really pisses me off to see anyone rip apart someone they don't know. If you don;t like burlesque, don't read an article about it, simple. Grow up and be more open minded you hicks.

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