Dec 8 2010Daft Punk's TRON-Inspired Music Video


This is the video for Daft's Punk's first single, 'Derezzed', off the TRON: Legacy soundtrack. It's pretty badass. The song too. Almost enough to make me forget Disney is behind the whole production. Almost. But like another famous mouse once told me, "Here I come to save the day!" Dammit -- not you, Mighty. "Where a kid can be a kid?" Close enough, Chuck -- TO THE BALL-PIT!

Hit the jump for the very worthwhile song and video.


Thanks to Jaimie, Brian and petterkets, who don't wanna be derezzed, just deloused. Well then stop hanging out with the kids with cooties!

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Tron the movie! Is gonna suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk balls :D

do want

I would only watch the movie if that little computer dancing demon enters the scene.

I still need to go back and re-watch the original Tron. it's been far too long since I've seen it.

Not a fan of the capes

I'm not sure which sucks harder, daft punk or tron. Let me throw Disney in there too just so there is no confusion on which sucks the hardest.

Since we're at music inspired by something, I like this one better:

daft punk is awesomejuice

who's the chick?

@4 It was actually pretty boring and unimpressive. Blame nostalgia and the overactive Fantardism of the interwebs for the hype of the upcoming sequel. Oh, and hot chicks in Spandex. Now STFU just sayin

I believe that looked like Olivia Wilde!

@9 the chick is Olivia Wilde, Quorra in the new movie

needs more gay sex

If there was no stupid Tron remake coming out and this was just a new Daft Punk song and loosely Tron-themed video everyone would be saying how brilliant it was. And it is - as long as you can ignore the movie tie-in aspect and the fact that you're exhausted from a year of marketing and hype for something you didn't care about to begin with.

who's the chick?

Obviously, I can't read.

I can't say that this really rises to the level of "badass".

The song was pretty uninspired and repetetive...same beat over and over for barely two minutes. The

I don't see what's get excited about. Daft Punk's real world helmets are more cool that this.

Beep Beep...Dee Doo Doo Doo.................Beep Beep..Dee Doo Doo Doo. Wow Daft Punk pulled all the stops when they "Wrote" this tune. This coupled with the Tron Legacy dance party area at Disney's California Adventure, allowed me to finely hone my superpower to see the future. I hate to break it to you kid's but, I have seen the future, and the future is gay.

exactly! and so this needs more gay sex


Oh god...the awsomesess...TOO MUCH EPIC!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *BOOM HEAD EXPLODES*


Looks fantastic. Not Daft Punk's greatest but still something awesome. Pretty excited for the new film.

Thanks, Disney shills! We'll all be sure to give our money to your Tron empire now that you've shown your enthusiasm!


Two things we need:

1) The ability to rate comments
2) The ability to flag spam

McFeely Smackup @17 gets my figurative thumbs up of agreement

as i remember this video style was done by tomcraft with sonique for a song called "another world"

@30 as I remember, your comment sux.

Richard McBeef

damn i hate internet. Damn daft punk sell out bitches

Jesus, this movie is going to be so horribly bad. Seriously. can you think that this music vid is the illest? I'm disappointed. Also, Daft Don't do this shit to me.

ok now im pissed disney go die in a hole like you were suppose to a long time ago daft punk stop being disney's bitch and tron was halfway desent a looooooonnnnnngggggg time ago but now all they are doing is trying to get as much money as they can out of somebody's pockets

Cool, And they did inspired by the original not the sequel...I love the background SFX at the beginning, Arcade saloon, brings memories!!!!

Pew pew peww....tutltultultultultulttt

boring tune. you know what rocked? the pyramid show at Vegoose.

@7 Thank you for sharing that, it's beautiful!

Has it seriously come to the point that cyber knights, light cycles that transform into robo-horses and laser jousting are no longer cool? God, you people are jaded.

@35 You're welcome. Yeah, their music always gets me in a good mood!

love daft punk, love Tron.
Only reason I'll go see the new one is because Olivia Wilde is in it.
And the whole time probably wonder where House is to bitch her out.

every daft punk song is exactly the same

what a lesbian

One thing I noticed about this, the blue rider is supposed to be Guy, but the face looks more like Thomas?

Either way, still made me squirt.

I wish people would stop calling Daft Punk sellouts. They aren't. It has been a dream of Thomas' to be a film director, and this is a way into the Hollywood industry. They are simply following their career goals.

Samus Aran was the parkeet from Joust? Mind blown!


@39 shows how much you know about music

A bit disappointed if i compare with all the stuff we already saw about "Tron : Legacy". But, hey, still a cool video.

In the French theaters on february NEXT YEAR - aaaargh, i'm soooo pissed-off. What did they think ?

my career goal is selling out and making 34647832293 $ then crying because im all alone in my world of plastic and internet hate

thats not olivia wilde!

I agree with scott this needs more gay sex!

I agree with scott this needs more gay sex!

Its funny how everyone can sit here and talk shit about Daft Punk and Disney and all this other shit... they are obviously doing something right, there shit gets played while you sit at home wishing you had their lives. Grow the fuck up you jerk-offs.

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