Dec 2 2010Burn, Little Men!: Melted Army Men Bowls


I can't count how may hours of my youth were spent having checker wars with plastic army men. And not just because I'm a bad counter, but I did give the bartender $17 for a $62 tab last night. Ha, not tip, in total. Apparently I'm not welcome back there. Anyway, these are plastic bowls made out of melted army men. Now I know what you're thinking, but no, they won't hold eggnog.

War bowl was designed by Dominic Wilcox in 2002. It has since been exhibited and sold in the world's most exclusive galleries and shops.

The War bowl is hand made using model figures from historic battles.

You can get a blue 'Battle of Waterloo' bowl above made with half British Artillery and half French Infantry soldiers, or a white 'English Civil War' bowl made with half Royalist and half Republican soldiers. What you can't get is one for cheaper than $248, which is why I just ordered 400 buckets of green army men and a wok off eBay. F***in' Daddy Warbucks over here! "Rock solid tie-in, GW." Thanks, I've been drinking!

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups of both bowls and a link to the product site.






Product Site
War Bowl Made Out of Little Plastic Army Men [inhabitat]
Reflect Upon Your Childhood and the Ravages of War With a Melted Toy Soldier Bowl [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

first yay


Proof of just how subjective "art" is sometimes. I call bull shit, but that is just my opinion.

@ 2 no that would be 2nd and if your not first thenyour LAST!

Wow. $250 for a bunch of army men melted into a giant mess of unusable bowl-shaped plastic?

I did the same thing in college, but with a tupperware bowl and a giant 10-pound bag of gummy bears. It looked even more horrifying because the bears on top were half-melted and reaching towards the skies, begging desperately for salvation from being assimilated into the genetic cesspool of their fallen brethren...

Total cost: about $20, and at least you could still eat it.

@Seth - I think you may have become my new hero.

If you do make this, be sure to open your windows and doors because the fumes from the melted plastic reek and are hazardous to breathe in. Plus, this is so, like, almost ten years ago, dude.


Can't I just buy a bunch of plastic army men and melt them into a bowl myself? Or doesn't the matrix support that kind of shit?

A man
A wok
A bag of army men

We can argue all day long about what is art and what isn't (this isn't), but it takes a whole shitload of balls to make something, call it art, then try to sell it for $500...all while it's something that anyone could make for themselves for $20 and 10 minutes investment.


If you're crazy enough to do it in the house in the first place, why bother opening the windows?

I want one :D

@everyoneeeee: Remember GI Jimbo? He's here to save the daaaay! ♫♪

I will try this with Barbie figurines.

This guy that sells these is a class S "faggot asshole". Really? Your selling your shit "art" for 250$. I hope you are chosen for a psychos recreation of the saw movies you fucktwat.

how is this art? or a bowl?

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lol i made somthing similar to this as a kid, got in trouble for wrecking a bowl.
mainly though i used to just gert aresol and a lighter, not a god mix when you 7 but i got hours of fun out of wounding my soldiers.

Looks like some kind of work by Rodin. Get it cast in bronze and put it in the Smithsonian.

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