Nov 18 2010Use The Fonts, Luke: Star Wars Typography


Alternatively, "Luke, I am your fonter." God I hate myself for that. And, well, pretty much everything else I've ever done. Anyway, because some Geekologie Readers have to go home and give themselves glitterstim enemas if I don't meet their daily quota of Star Wars posts, here's a small gallery (read: three pictures) of characters created entirely out of different fonts by Italian ad firm H-57 Creative Station. This is Darth Maul or somebody here, but there's a Cylon and a Fraggle after the jump. Huh? ARE YOU QUESTIONING MY GEEK CREDENTIALS?! Fine -- fine, this is Darth Vader, and there's a Stormtrooper and Yoda after the jump. What isn't after the jump is the X-Wingding Fighter I just spent two hours making in Photoshop. I'll email you a copy for $1 though. Ass Xerox for $2.

Hit the jump for the other two.



H-57 Creative Station: The Force of Typography [ibelieveinadv]
Nerd Art: The Typography Is Strong With This One [nerdbastards]

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Well, that settles it. McFeely managed to get semi-indirectly mentioned in the context of a GW article. No sense in the rest of us commenting from this point onward; we cannot hope to achieve anything greater.

^First Fag

I'm not sure what "glitterstim" is, but yeah, some people are real Star Wars freaks around here. buncha homos if you ask me.

that being said (and it needed to be), this is a big "so what". Once you decide to turn the font glyphs any which way you like, you're just making shapes out of shapes. ASCII art has been FAR more creative and difficult to do for 30 years.

FINALLY something to do with star wars

High five Naas!

(pulls hand back at last second and smooths flowing mane of hair)

Darth Vader is quite a character.

Flowing mane of hair? No one else refers to their pubes as a flowing mane of hair perv...

The Darth Vader one is WRONG!

Darth Vader has one triangular shape on his mask near his mouth, not two as the "W" suggests. The creator should have used a big V.

These are not the fonts you're looking for.

(had to be said)

Your mom has a big V.

@11 maybe you're opinion would differ if you had a big D

. . . . . . . . . . . ▂▂▅▅▄▂▂
. . . . . . . .◢▆■▀▼ ▀〓▓▓█▆◣
. . . . . . ◢▼▄ ▓▌▼ ▀▓▓█▲
. . . . . ◢▓▍◥◣▂▲▐ ▍  .:░▓█▓▊
. . . . .▋▂▃▅▇■█▆▃▀◆▅▇■█▇▆◣ ▼
. . . ◢███◤▆██▇▆ 〓◢▇██▇◣◥███◣
. . .◢███▌█▀ ▓■〓 █▅▆▓█▋████◣
. . ◢█████◣■▀▀ ◢▀◣▀〓■▀▓█████◣
. ◢█████▀ ▄▅▆█ ▍ ▐◣◥▓ ▀▼█████◣
. ██████▌▓▓▀◢▉ ▆ ▊◣◥◣▂ ◢▓██████◣
▐███████▍▓◢▌▉ ▉ ▉▐▲◥◣▇███████◣
████████▀▓ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀◣▀▲▀▓▀██████▋
▀■██████ █◥〓〓〓〓〓◤▀   ██■▀▀
. . . . . . ▀ █▆◣◥▓▓▓▓◤◢█▆▄ ▂▅▄
. ▂▃▆█▇◣▅████◣ ▼ ◢██▓▓◢████▇▅▂

Looks like someone's mom (notice the V).

@12 No, I don't think so. I could be hung like hickory's dickery dock and still have room to swing.

@ Dishy, it's not big enough. Trust me, @ 9 knows.

This was a day late McFeely, this should've been where the twiHOOOOOORF.. err where the twiliBLLLEECHhh!!!!.. where the twilRRRRAAAAALLLLPPPPHHHhhh
Damn I can't say it without puking. Ugh what a mess..... It should've been posted yesterday!

Dishy that looks like vader took a snow shovel to the face

@9, Can't you make the difference between an 'M' and a 'W'?

I'm going to have to throw my hat in with Tyler, that mouth is obviously an upside down W, not an M, as shown by the horizontal bar over the peak in the center.

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Clearly this should not have been on the chick pounding meat post....

@13 Murderface?

Hrm, this is neat. I should consider a typography scupting game thing. But so far I have a bacon one.

Here's the link if you folks want to mess with some bacon:

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@28 Lol, well done

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