The Worst Parking Job I've Seen In Awhile

November 18, 2010


Note: I don't think the video's fake, it just looks like it's being hand-filmed because somebody's taping a TV screen of security-cam footage.

In soviet Russia Poland, cars park you. How many Poles does it take to park a car? Apparently more than one. Which, fun fact: I didn't even know they let women drive in Poland! (Says the guy who parked his car at the liquor store last month without putting it in gear or engaging the emergency break and came out to find it in on the sidewalk across the street. What? You know how excited I get about booze!)

Hit the jump to watch the woopsie daisy in action.

Worst Parking Job Ever [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Jacob, who parks his monster truck the way God intended: wherever the f*** he wants.

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