Nov 1 2010Sadness: Pokémon Anime Creator Passes Away


Takeshi Shudo, head writer of the original Pokémon anime series, has passed away. He was 61 years young and friends with tons of little monsters, who will all miss him dearly.

Takeshi Shudo is also credited as the sole writer for the first three Pokemon movies, as well as many novels based on the series.

Over the weekend, Mr Shudo was found to have collapsed at a train station in Nara City and was rushed to hospital. He was pronounced dead soon after, suffering from a subarchnoid hemorrhage.

Shudo worked as cheif writer of many of the Pokemon episodes from 1997 to 2002. He also wrote for 'The Magical Princess Minky Momo".

*Poké-bawling my eyes out* GW tries using Resurrection. It isn't super effective :( Rest in peace you Pokémon patriarch, you.

Pokemon Anime Creator Takeshi Shudo Passes Away Aged 61 [aussiegamer]
Picture [marioblade64's deviantart]

Thanks to Staticwolf, Braden and ShadowSushi, who all took the day off work to watch old episodes and eat cereal. It's like a sad Saturday morning.

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Reader Comments

This is truly a sad day *bows in silence*





The people you quoted spelled "chief" wrong.

Damn, he usually posts on Geekologie about his beloved pocket monsters too.

i will have a 1 minute of silence for him, this is a sad day indeed, sad enough to make me post,


They also spelled "subarachnoid" wrong.

I wonder how this will affect the future names of new pokemon?

He was the very best, like no-one ever was.


My name is Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the wonderful smash hit, Pokemon. While I admit my dear friend Takeshi Shudo was a huge part of the success of Pokemon, he was not the creator. That title is mine and mine alone. While I mourn his passing, you will rue the day you made the egregious error.

Thank you,

Satoshi Tajiri

I loved the original pokemon anime as a kid.

Yet not a single tear when Bob Guccione passed away a couple of weeks ago.

What's wrong with the world?? Pokemon vs. Penthouse??? You gotta be shittin me. Now...iiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffff you happen to have any pics of Pokemon characters IN Penthouse...then MAYBE. Just sayin...

God uses subarchnoid hemorrhage! ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE!

That show was terribly written anyway.

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:O Was that the real Satoshi Tijiri who posted a comment above? If it is, I am honoured that you posted a comment here :') If it isn't, get a life you fakers..

I wonder if his sould will rest in tower in Lavender Town



It was for kids. And it still had its moments of brilliance (EP039 for example).

In addition, this man wrote the fist three movies, all of which received at least some good critique.

Unless you're pissy because your parents never bought you anything related to Pokemon, in which case, I laught at you.


May he catch all them Angels in heaven :(

Ahhhh whattt. ):

At least now we don't have to catch them all...

The people quoted also spells "Pokémon" wrong. As does everyone else here except GW. Your all pretty dum.

If you are going to quote anyone on being incorrect on their spelling, you should check yours before posting. You spelled "you're" and "dumb" wrong.

@28 you pwn'd me! From now on you will be known as MegaPenis!

@29 I'm sorry but you'll have to try again yoru sister already called me by that name.

Your awesome! :D


This is so sad D: May he rest in peace.

Don't be sad, he only evolved.

He's catching em' all in hell now

I think a little piece of me just died D:

This is a sad day. :( This guy inspired me to write my ORIGINAL character Sonichu.

Maybe we'll finally get a good pokemon game on the Wii

If anyone is reported to of died, no matter who, a life lost is a life lost, not a chance to take the piss and make jokes. Sick scum who make pathetic jokes over death deserve only boiling bleach down there faces.


salute! this guy took so many years out of my life. my respects.

Louis of



With no master controlling them anymore, all pokemon will now wander the earth, aimless and with no purpose, attacking all in their path. Tough times are ahead indeed.

im am deeply sadened by this ill take a hour out of my time to remember the achivement he has brought us......on another note WTF AM I SUPPOSE TO WATCH NOW ON SATURDAY MORNINGS!!!!!

May Takeshi Shudo rest in peace. I'm watching Pokémon right now and it's honestly making me teary. I really hope that his legacy continues on the way he would have wanted it to. I don't want anyone ruining what he worked so hard for. He will be dearly missed...My condolences to his family as well...

Condolences to his friends and family.

Now, what ultimately killed him -- the super-healthy Asian diet, the super-healthy Asian spirituality, or the collective love and "positive energy" of millions upon millions of people? I just want to know so I know which one to avoid.

(Too soon?)

F pokemon the world would have been a better place if the creators had been made stillborn.

Rest in peace Takeshi Shudo. We and all our poketmonster will miss you.

Sad...i just stumbed upon this very depressing...*sigh* every one is dying... R.I.P master Shudo...may your legacy live on forever especially now I fear for the future of pokémon concidering the events which took in japan yesterday (tsunami and earthquake)

Did u people not read comment 13??? He's not dead btw...Satoshi Tajiri
Was he inventor he's still alive Takeshi Shudo is the one who Passed away but he was the scriptwriter two different ppl totally

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