Nov 8 2010Please, No Viruses: TRON Quorra Cosplay


For those of you that think this is just some chick with electroluminescent panels slapped on a faux leather bodysuit -- you....would be correct. Because that's what she is. Oooooor Quorra from TRON. Don't remember Quorra from TRON? Lemme jog your RAM: she's from the new one, yo -- you haven't seen it yet! But she's an anthropomorphic computer program if that helps my title make more sense (read: wrap that thumb-drive up).

The costume is made from faux leather and EL Film strips. The luminescent panels are removable, velcored onto the leather vest in order to make the top washable. To be frank, the cutting and re-soldering the EL film was quite tricky to work with but I think I managed to the tame the beast with the help of conductive fabric tape. I will write up a tutorial on how to work with the EL film in the next three weeks for those folks who are interested.

Good lookin'. I like the short hair. But you know what I like even more than short hair? No hair. I'll take a granny with a big ol' bald-spot any day. "GW, WTF's wrong with you?" WTF's wrong with me?! WTF's wrong with this toaster?! "That's not a toaster, that's a lunchbox". Haha, I was wondering why there was an apple in here.

Hit the jump for three more shots of the well, at least she won't get hit by a bus.




Tron: Quorra Costume [fashioningtech]

Thanks to Dan, michelle, BullBiter and woody9, who

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Reader Comments

omgg sexxy


She is new. Therefore she doesn't exist.

Louis of

wow...her hair looks faaake xD


"Hello girl who is glowing. Why you taking picture? El ristorante is not open yet, and is very dangerous to be standing in middle of street. Hello?"

Someone give her a pizza.

Wonder where she hides the power supply

Yeah... she totally wants me.

That's a man.



Thing should go direct traffic somewhere.

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Classic Butterface.
Scratch that, the bod's also nothing to wright home about.

Reading "velcored" just made me wish Tron had more luck dragons in it...

are you serious? in the first picture you can clearly see the power supply attached to her hip in the left side.

Now that Radcliffe has finished playing Harry Potter, he's free to expand his acting horizons with gigs like this;

dude wtf is wrong with her hair it look so fucking retated and is she ever looking at the camera in the last picture? if she is then she must have some kind of mental disorder

Olivia Wildes hotter, nice try

daaaft puuuuunk

Hey can some one fill me in on what the hell EL film is? Doing web searches just takes me to mexican film sites.

lol tron i liek the old film. can't wait on the new one. that is a neat costume tho

Try refining your search with "Electroluminescent" instead of just EL heh heh

El stripo de magnifico!!! roflo

its stuff that lights up from ... well go look.


Dude, just one of Olivia Wilde's toenail clippings is hotter than this weird Alien-HarryPotter-DoogieHowser-AisanLadyBoy knockoff.


Que means "roflo"? Doing web searches just takes me to Mexican TV sites.

.... yowza.

I'm pretty sure that I met her in DC on Halloween weekend. If it is her, her male companion was wearing a Tron costume as well.

I would toss her all around my apartment!

Shitty wig, bro.

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@26... she's a lot hotter than that intern you got a BJ from Billy...


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Lights are good on her costume, but it is not accurate. Check my Quorra costume out. It is accurate and will light up before the movie premiere.

Yummy as fuck!!!

I can't believe all of the comments on here about how she isn't hot or isn't as attractive as Olivia Wilde. Well, why do I get the impression most of the people here are geeks and would never have a shot at a girl as hot as the one pictured here, yet they just want to put her down?

I think the costume is great & fuctional (b/c of the velcro lights) you will want to wash the costume after u wear it but not mess up the lights & Cosplay yours is great to! & all the negative the idea/ theme is what they are after & captured looks great girls we can't all look like Olivia Wilde- its a DNA thing, so quite hateing and b happy for them, we're going to attempt Tron costumes for Halloween 2011 wish us luck!

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