Nov 4 2010Invisibility Cloak One Step Closer To Reality, Or: Is It Too Early To Start Staking Out A Comfy Place To Sit In The Women's Locker Room?


Yes, that really is me with my invisibility helmet on. I know, I know, I probably should have made a whole suit. Anyway, UK scientists claim they're one step closer to an invisibility cloak thanks to a new flexible metamaterial. Pfft -- I'll believe it when I don't see it.

Scientists in the UK have demonstrated a flexible film that represents a big step toward the "invisibility cloak" made famous by Harry Potter.

Metamaterials work by interrupting and channelling the flow of light at a fundamental level; in a sense they can be seen as bouncing light waves around in a prescribed fashion to achieve a particular result.

However, the laws of optics have it that light waves can only be manipulated in this way by structures that are about as large as the waves' length.

Until now, the most striking demonstrations of invisibility have occurred for light waves with a much longer wavelength - a far redder colour - than we can see. This is because it is simply easier to construct metamaterials with relatively large structures.

UGH -- HARRY POTTER DID NOT MAKE INVISIBILITY CLOAKS FAMOUS. That's like saying that other writer-lady (who's name I won't even take the time to look up) made vampires famous. They've both been popular forever! I was a vampire for Halloween 22 years ago. And 14 years ago I made a bench costume out of cardboard and hid in the women's locker room before being squashed by a fat lady with a really hairy bush. *shivers* It felt like a Brillo pad on the back of my neck.

Invisibility cloak closer with flexible 'metamaterial' [bbc]

Thanks to brook, Jennaiii, Rev Dr Dom and Super Awesome To The Max, who agree commercially available invisibility cloaks will cause over a 100% decrease in worldwide productivity.

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Reader Comments

that is one fat cheerleader =/
the green and blue ones are invited to the party in my pants...


If by fat you mean pregnant.

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they'll probably get this right around the same time we have flying cars.... just sayin

Where's Closet been lately? He must have gotten that job...

Eat your veggies. Yummie!

It's called Stealth Camouflage.

The only people that will make use of this are the folks that kill for a living. I am not excited.

@5, We have flying cars now.

Half of those cheerleaders doesn't have boobs so, what am I supposed to cheer about?

Green FTW, so fine.

@10 - Green has sideboob.

@11 - Agreed

Where the fuck did they find FOUR cheerleaders without a decent sized boob if you combined them all? That's even including the oddly shaped fat one. Although to be fair, the average size is dragged down by the one in purple who seems to have a negative cup size.

@13: Yup, the purple one's breasts are concave. The air being sucked in to the gaping maws of her anti-boobs actually hug the fabric against her chest cavity like a mammary vacuum.

They need to start bringing in McDonald's as the new lunch menu to our schools. The national cup size average has been in steep decline ever since this whole "health food" craze kicked in. It's a dark, sad time we live in when women think curves are a bad thing.

Oh my. Green Redhead FTW.

The only thing that will come usefull from this all is the perverts who wanna be little peeking toms and bring there lube with them.

I think the yellow cheerleader only looks like an oddly shaped fatty because she's jutting her chest out, the way girls do, in an attempt to make her breasts appear larger and more impressive. The small of her back is blocked by GW's invisibility helmet, so we really can't judge the size of her waist.

There was one invisibility cloak for sale on Mercado Livre (brazilian eBay),, awesome stuff:

If you want to see more of these girls, click the tag for INVISIBLE at the top of the post, scroll down to the other post with the same picture and someone has a link in the comments there.

Ugh. Pick another locker room.

My two favorite things about this post:

1) GW clearly pulled this pic from a pornsite. I should know.

2) All the comments are about the (relative) hotness of the girls in the pic and none of them are about invisibility. We know what's really important!

DIBS on the cheerleader in green.

Why are they all cheering for different team? I mean, they're all obviously lesbians


These cheerleaders make p0rn!! I have seen them before, the one I remember most is the green cheerleader with a beer bottle in her pu$$y. She became a professional porn star yeaaaa!!!

21 comments before someone realized this is from porn? Are the lightspeed girls not popular anymore?

That's funny...I could swear that harry Potter's invisibility cloak was MAGIC not science. How about these article writing geniuses go out and watch the first Ghost in the Shell movie, since that is actually the technology that this most resembles. I bet the guy who wrote the original article hasn't ever really seen a Harry Potter flick...he probably just read a summary about in the TV Guide.


They are the girls from Lightspeed University

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This picture is recycled from a previous post... I'm just to lazy to track it down right now...

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Why is it that only the girl in yellow has boobs?

Aren't boobs the most important part of any story?

Those girls are porn stars, you don't need an invisibility cloak.

Is that Dirty Aly on the left?

I'll take the two burnetts please

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