Nov 12 2010Harrison Ford: Han Solo Should Have Died


Dammit Harrison, nobody cares about the new POS movie you have coming out, we only wanna hear about that space-adventure you were in 27 years ago. Thank God we have ABC News to put you in your place. Also, thank God we have ABC for Dancing With The Stars, amirite? Love that sessy dancin'.

Speaking with ABC News about his new movie Morning Glory, Ford was asked why there were no new Star Wars films featuring Han Solo, and he explained that not only was there no reason for the character to return, but also:

"As a character he was not so interesting to me. I thought he should have died in the last one, just to give it some bottom. George [Lucas] didn't think there was any future in dead Han toys."

First of all, OF COURSE GEORGE LUCAS ONLY CARED ABOUT SELLING TOYS. The man probably goes to AA meetings to steal the coffee and cookies -- HE'S A TERRIBLE PERSON. Secondly, just look at that picture. That right there is what I like to call the textbook definition of "bedroom eyes". *douching* Be there in a minute, Han, just freshening up!

Hit the jump to see that part of the interview, you have to watch a 30-second commercial though, so I didn't.

Harrison Ford: Han Solo 'should have died' in Return of the Jedi [blastr]

Thanks to Olivia, who didn't want Han to die as much as have his arm shot off and replaced with Max Rebo's (blue elephant keyboard guy's) trunk. That would've been cool!

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Reader Comments

Que estupido star war kill chesolo por favor.

No, Han should not have died. Also, Boba Fett should not have been taken out like such a pussy after just three minutes of screen time.

Actually, Boba didn't die in that muff cabbage worm thing. But I do agree that he should have had more than like 5 minutes combined in the original three episodes.

Ford looks really, lets go with "gay," with that earing.

That's ridiculous. Han Solo was totally boyscout. . . *why was he boyscout?*. . . Because he's In Tents! Hahahahahah. . . . . that joke doesn't work nearly as well in writing.

FINALLY something to do with star wars

Ford -really- needs to let this go. We get it, he didn't like the character that pretty much put him in the Hollywood spotlight and elevated his career much sooner than it would have.

Never knew anybody that would moan so much over a role that he wasn't even cast for in the first place, it was through sheer luck that he got the role...and all he can do is complain.

What a tosser.

if he never played han fucking solo he would still be a bullshit cabinet maker. dont forget your roots harry

@7 true that.... maybe he's mad cause he didn't get more girls with that giant, smelly, moaning hairy wingman he rolled with

"George [Lucas] didn't think there was any future in dead Han toys." Ooh, what a burn...take that you greedy POS!

first off, obvious cut right after he says "he was not that interesting to me" which leads me to believe he elaborated on why…and ABC cut it down.

Second, of course Han Solo wasn't interesting to Ford, Lucas is so horrible at writing characters and dialogue I fully believe that Ford simply played himself for most the film. Only a complete narcissist find themselves interesting.

Third, Hans death would have actually given a sense of urgency to the final battle. Taking out key characters breaks that happy ending fantasy that we all expect and actually adds tension.

@9 Chewbacca was a pimp, you don't even know. I was at summer camp with him when we were 11 and he got two girls pregnant, man. Two girls pregnant.

You kids don't care about me you only care about yourselves.

@13 yeah but.... the girls he nailed man. One was a sasquatch & they called the other one 'chupacabra' or something. I remember reading somewhere that he ate one of the counselors during 'camp olympics' a few years back during the hammer throw(?)

Damn Shelbon it wasn't the hammerthrow at all, he just wasn't wearing any pants when he spun around

Han should have had twins with the princess then one of them could have died so that we could have "some bottom" and still sell kid toys.

hahahaaaa that george lucas, always in my AA meetings.

Although George Lucas refused to give the Han Solo character "some bottom", I'm sure many of us here would be willing to step up and fill the breach. Offer some closure. End the story. A somewhat happy ending, although bittersweet.

Which reminds me of a joke about turning bittersweet chocolate into milk chocolate. A cheeky pun. But ... I won't go into it now.

I'm not one of those people who always needs a happy ending, but I'm glad he didn't die...

and I love Harrison Ford, but I'm so done listening to him rant about Han Solo. We get it, you hate the movies, but he was a character beloved by a lot of people, get over it.

Why is Ford always such a bitter killjoy If I was part of one of the most popular film series in the history of film and I played one of the most beloved characters I would certainly be more thankful and respectful about it. I don't think Indiana Jones has any more depth than Han Solo.

@ 17

You should be a writer for the Star Wars expanded universe or something ;)

Bullsh*t. If Han would have died, it would have made the romance that had been building up between him and Leia pointless. From what I understand, the Falcon was not supposed to make it out of the Death Star before it blew up, thereby killing off Lando and Nien Numb and all the other occupants on board, which would have been less of a bummer, but still sad and lame. Thankfully, George came to his senses and let Billy Dee and his pals live on. Harrison Ford, while being awesome in Raiders and Star Wars, is sort of a humorless pr*ck and I've heard him retell that "Han should have died" story a million times (roughly) since I first saw Jedi in '83. Give it up Harry, and bring us some more Indiana Jones movies before you get even older!

@17 Han winds up having twins with Leia - Jacen & Jaina. He continues to tap that ass and winds up with a 3rd little Solo that they named Anakin. Anakin basically gets Chewbacca killed by having to be saved by the big guy on an exploding planet, and then tops it off by getting himself killed off a few books later.

@Harrison Ford - you were damn lucky to have gotten the role, and people like the idea behind the character, not you, personally, for portraying him. Should of stuck to Clancy movies because every chick flick you've ever been in has wound up being a huge pile of shit. Oh yeah, and Chewie says you can suck his massive wookiee asshole, asshole.

@Boba lovers - definitely should've been in the movies more, but don't despair...he winds up killing that fucking Sarlacc while inside it and continues his streak of badassedness. btw - I fet the same way about Maul...letting Obi slice and dice him in the first prequel was retarded. Maul was only about a bazillion times more kick ass and evil looking than Count Dooku.

god! hes so effing hot!

Hey, guess what in the 3D re-release of JEDI, George will have an after the credits Teaser of a still on fire-smouldering Vader cutting down Han Solo... " I am more machine now than man!!! " Leia will scream. Luke will faint. The End? That's so cynical of Ford, of course George could sell a lot of DEAD Han Solo varients!

That's just because he doesn't want to be in any more star wars shit

actually, han should've died in a new hope. greedo shot first, bitches. yeah, i'm that guy.

They all should have died in Empire.

I tide fashion

Good-looking, not expensive

Free transport

Han shot first!

@25 I should think you would know this with all your reference to expanded universe plot points but uhh... Maul survives too.

Actually,in the first theatrical version of SW,Han Solo shot Guido in cold blood.
When Lucas updated his movie he added Guido firing a blaster.

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