Nov 17 2010Future Fashion: Glowing Fluid-Filled Dresses


This is a dress designed by Charlie Bucket that consists of 600 feet of looping sippy straws filled with glow-stick fluid. DAMMIT CHARLIE, WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE IT OUT OF CHOCOLATE?! You have a whole damn factory. The dress is connected to a computer-controlled backpack pump that times the pumping of the liquid and produces what is by far the coolest looking dress I've seen since see-through disappearing ones were invented. Definitely hit the jump and check out the video, you won't be disappointed. Or maybe you will be because you don't give a shit about the future of women's fashion. You foolish bastard. Laser panties, yo! Holographic titty tassels.

Hit the jump and prepare to be stunned.

fluid filled dress: mind blown, head tripping [technabob]

Thanks to Tracey, who's wary of any clothing that has the potential to leak. I know what you mean, Tracey (I still wear diapers).

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boom baby.

oh, and 3rd!

Now begin the bashing.

it's First (Third) Tard again.

I don't capitalize my name, n00b.

Just kidding, that was me again. >B[

"filled with glow-stick fluid."

This can't possibly go wrong.

Anyone seen the 1000 ways to die with glowstick lipstick?

@6 ha! zing.. good call. I also don't end my comments with periods

@9 ha! zing.. good call. I also don't spell my name "nass".

but GW? you told me you don't even like titty tassles....

@10 you're right.. I am quite the dumbass.

the dress is trippy, the music sucks... it should be more like this

@10 no but I do

It's been all DAY with nothing Star Wars related. this site is going downhill.

Jonathan isn't here today.... I think our nameless impostor who can't pick an identity & stick with it drove him off

Jonathan was never real. He was merely a figment of your wishful imagination, providing a digital scratching post for you to dig your trollish claws into.

Or, perhaps, he's just adopted another name and is still posting regularly... y'know, like he said he would do.

@17 sup

@18 howdy.

I'd paint that glowing dress with some of my own fluids that glow (under black lights).... just sayin

I'm definitely loving where this "future fashion" movement is taking us.

If Bane (batman villain )were a dress, this is what he'd look like.

ra ra ra ah-ah ro ma ro ma-ma ga ga oo la la

To see it in action - watch this!

And if you leak all the fluid out does it go see-through?

@17 judging by your paragraph format, I'm glad you're still here. you shouldn't let the impostors get to you, that's what keeps em going.

I'm glad you're still with us

It's like Watchmen IRL. Anyone going to make a mask out of it a la Rorschach?

Thank you, naas. Despite us having our differences, I could tell you were a decent guy. Even if you don't put periods at the end of your sentences.


Louis of

We have differences Jonathan? I didn't know... I'm generally a decent guy though, not necessary the troll you seem to have taken me for. As you've learned in the past few days with the name hijacking bs, there are some attention starved kids that flock here to expend their retarded & idiotic behavior

You've probably mistaken me as one of them but I'm happy you're seeing otherwise. My name here has gotten more abuse than an alaskan seal on liquid schwartz wearing an iron man helmet so I understand how that can happen

These comments are way better when they don't make sense.

It is sad to see the downfall of Geekologie go to idiot trolls, looking for a good for a stomping ground. It wouldn't be so bad if they were intelligent about it or ripped it apart from the inside out, but posting as each others name. Really? What is even worst is everyone who is taking a part you can see comes back and checks these same posts to get caught up in a troll war, making both parties equally pathetic and shows a lack of interests and hobbies outside of the internet and its shallow world they live on. I don't doubt one will even take offense to this and jump in with some super witty remark like, "you're right.. I am quite the dumbass."
Whatever though sorry GW, I'm out.

hmmm...i wonder what would happen if i broke it and drank it....

as expected from someone who inherited the willy wonka factory

Google in the input: ( you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

Dear GW,
All dresses are disappearing ones! You just have to say some 'magic formulas'.

Google in the input: ( you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

Figure out how to eliminate the loud ass backpack, and you have a winner.

It looks great, but I wouldn't want to have to carry that 'backpack' around with me. It looks heavy.
And if it leaks would I end up with green dayglow norks?

I agree with athiestgirl, that "backpack" looks like it weighs a ton! Can we get it down to fannypack size? Then maybe I'd buy it...

I will fill it with my fluids

Also, no one has asked yet but the song is Cherry by Ratatat.

Ratatat yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! i love Ratatat.

lets rave!

I feel like you could do that a lot more efficiently and cost effectively with OLEDs...

Radium girls...

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