Nov 9 2010Flip-Flop Monkey, Have You Been Drinking?


This is a giant passed-out monkey sculpture made out of flip-flops in São Paulo, Brazil, to celebrate Pixel Show, an international art and design conference. Because if there are two things that go hand in hand in this world, it's drunk monkeys and art. Don't believe me? How do you think Picasso was so prolific? Because he painted practically nonstop? Oh. Nevermind then.

Before I Die:

Try every beer.
Try every liquor.
Touch a boob.
Touch two boobs at once.
Complete the 'Beat the Heat' hot-wing challenge without shitting my pants.
Discover Picasso's secret monkey-painting studio.
Rule the internet.

I'm making progress! Hit the jump for shots from all different angles. And before you all start calling me out in the comments, yes, I lied about the boob thing.








Fat Monkey [zeutch]
Fat Monkey [designyoutrust]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who once made a giant panda out of Birkenstocks but then a bunch of dirty hippies swooped in and stole half the sculpture.

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Reader Comments


I wonder what it smells like


GW you haven't touched a boob and we all knwo it



@5: HAHA, wow. I have a doppelganger now. It's so hilarious how you dingbats are hyperfocusing on me (or my mom, as it were) for some inexplicable reason. Got nothing better to do?

Anywho, on-topic: this is one of the most hilarious mixed-media sculptures I've ever seen. It's like a concept that was thrown around during a latenight drinking binge at a liberal arts college dorm, like the guy who decided to wrap himself with aluminum foil and duct-taped himself to an underpass with a sign that said "ART!!!"

True story, too. It was for a 3D design class and the guy got an A -- mostly because the professor was a total hippie and thought any idea born out of booze and BS was "a brilliant expression of the soul."


why flip-flops? why a passed out monkey?!

also, Johnathan's mom.

You gone done it now.

HAHA, my mom's going to become a running gag on here.


@ 8


Awww what the hell? I'd "do" it. And I mean have sex with.
Jonathan's Mom as well.

I have a doppleganger as well but his interest is apparently with Jonathan's mom rather than mine.

I wouldn't be surprised if an article on this site ever ends up tagged with "Jonathan's Mom."


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Adriene Brody is kidnapped by Jack Black who has also tricked Naomi Watts into acting as a human Hors d'œuvre for the legendary Ape God of Skull Island, until Brody gets like totally busted in the barn knocking himself off a lil sumptin-sumptin before Dren takes her, his, whatever final form. ZOMG!!

Because every dude who's seen it like totally would, and you and Jonathan's Mom know it.


Hate to break it to ya', but you're old news.
Everyone knows Jonathan's Mom is where it's happening now.

He actually fell from the building after being told off by Bootzilla.

Someone spanked that flip-flop monkey to death.

Shouldn't it be wearing a ... THONG.

... like, you know ... me. Who'd ya think, someone's mom?

Who is this ass monkey Jonathan and where can I get ticket to do his mom? in the butt? maybe a little ass to mouth? mostly in her butt!

Do you always look for tickets to do moms of ass monkeys? You must pretty low standards.

Also, my mom.

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@ Everyone

How many ppl misread Bootzilla from post 18?

I just hate waiting so I wanted to get a ticket that way I can just come back and skip the long ass line.

What do you think this is, a freakin' Disney Fastpass? Not unless you're handicapped. Otherwise, to the back of the line!

I'm handicapped. I've skipped this line before



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Woah, woah, woah, where have I been?
Can someone link the article where this Jonathan's mom geekologie meme began?

@30 No worries Jonathan's mom has been with me the whole time... Her throat is being blessed as I type... Woman has skills...

wow jonathan's mom is raciest

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Jonathan does not have a mom --- someone said they saw him in a Speedo once and he did not have a belly-button.

@16 Daisy

Definitely not fake. The shadows are correct...

Perhaps you are the fake

aslam o alikum wao c contnuo

Made by Florentijn Hofman, with help from students!

a green monkey!

Hey can I have some hot lesbian sex with your mom? I drop this offer if she's not hot though.

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