Nov 23 2010FCC: Ability To Text 911 Coming Soon?


Because actually placing calls is soooooo 90's, the FCC is working out the logistics of being able to text 911 during an emergency. What could possible go wrong? Tweeting emergencies, that's what.

Several U.S. government agencies have for some time been considering how to plan and implement the next generation of 911; the plan has been to incorporate SMS text messaging, images and even video into emergency requests to get "the right information to the right people at the right time."

Now, several outlets are reporting that the FCC is pushing for more technology for 911 -- technology that would lead to better, faster responses from emergency workers. In fact, the FCC even says 911 could be automatically notified of possible or likely emergencies by sensors, from OnStar to home alarms and many more.

Granted it does sound like a good idea in theory, but do you realize how many un-emergency texts the police are going to be fielding? In the trillions. Everything from "the greeter at Wal-Mart scowled at me" to "my 20-piece McNuggets was only an 18-piece -- AND THEY FORGOT THE BBQ!!!!111". My point is this, responsible citizens: be prepared to deal with your own emergencies.

FCC May Allow You to Send Text Messages to 911 [mashable]

Thanks to Shenanigans, who claims he knows some idiot moron who mistakenly called 411 while his house burnt down. Whoa, the same thing happened to me on-- wait a minute.

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Reader Comments

haha awesome picture. I think we can actually do that already in Sweden btw.

Lol at the picture.

YES but can you text order a pizza for delivery to church service??



alt f4 my life, this is ridiculous.

effing text messages, how do they work?

Eh, this is actually useful.
I've had to pocket dial 911 before and was unable to talk, and I figured magical GPS would lead them to me. Well, it did not.

I'm sure in hostage situations, when they goto take a piss you can text so they can not hear you :P

"Wii dun hav amberlamps. Want blew? Sale $8.75!"

Sending video and pictures is pretty useful and the texting can be good for times that you need to contact 911 silently.

And I'm sure they could use the revenue from fining people who abuse the system.

Hmm...requesting emergency services through a low accountability network, with no delivery guarantee, and sometimes delivered hours or days later.

what could go wrong?

i had this idea a looooong ass time ago when they first started putting cameras on cellphones i figured it would be easier to catch people if you could text a photo of the persons licence plate or a photo of the attacker so we don't have to rely on crappy eyewitnesses that can't tell there ass from a hole in the ground.

Mute people everywhere will be happy, and live long.

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I've been wondering why this wasn't possible for a long time.

Jokes aside, it will make things a lot easier for:

-choking victims who can not speak
-domestic violence victims
-basically anyone who would be endangered if someone heard them calling 911

Not to mention that, sometimes, phones will have issues carrying out calls, but can send out texts. (I don't mean signal-wise, I mean function-wise... I've had phones break and temporarily or permanently refuse to make calls.)

@14 Not to mention the deaf / hearing impaired...

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If it was a real emergency they wouldn't have time to text!

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