Nov 8 2010Disgustingly Delicious: T-Giving Turkey Cake


Well folks, Target already has all their Christmas stuff out, so you know what that means -- only three more weeks to Thanksgiving. Still haven't decided what
kind of culinary bomb to drop on your extended family? How about a turkey cake? WTF's a turkey cake? A ground turkey and sausage-stuffing cake with layers of sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and mashed potato icing. Mmmmm! Blaaaaaah! Mmmmm.

Whether this Thanksgiving centerpiece incites horror, amazement, or confusion when it's served, it's certain to evoke some kind of outburst. Warning: This dish is not recommended for people who require an inch of space between food groups.

Thankfully, I do not require an inch of space between food groups. But I do require at least a half hour rest after eating before getting back in the pool. Because you know what happens if you don't, right? You get cramps floaters.

Hit the link for the full recipe.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Recipe [chow]

Thanks to Pau, who once stuffed a turkey with diamonds because he has expensive taste. Get it? Because diamonds cost so much!

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Reader Comments

Not as bad as the Jones Turkey & Gravy soda.

Ha! Ha! that's gross and I think I'm first?





cover it with gravy for the grand prize

Everyone I have talked to says it looks awesome. I would try it.

Ninth! :D

actually doesn't sound bad.

I agree with #7, where is the GRAVY?!

turkey cake ftw! Oh! Where's the cranberry sauce?

I'm so totally going to make this for my family, just to see the reactions (and not at all because I want to devour 5 of them)

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You can try oh, will make you satisfied.

That looks exactly like something that dropped out of my anal after a weekend at the Blue Oyster Bar. Less the gravy.

Seems like a good idea to me. What's not to like? Turkey, good! Sausage, good!, sweet potatos, good! cranberry sauce, good! Mashed potatos, good! marshmellows, good!

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@17: Joey, is that you?

I don't get it. The image evokes an emotional response tied to deserts. If you eat a slice of this, your brain would be expecting something light and sweet. The disconnect between expectation and reality would likely cause illness.

Let me put it another way - chocolate cake that looks like a turd. It wouldn't matter at all how delicious the actual cake is.

@20 mmmyep, I was paraphrasing Joey. Good catch

This is simultaneously appalling and a dream come true.

Just beware of the blueberry pie at the end.

Woo Hoo I'm number 28! Lol you guys are silly! Seriously though it looks kinda good but as stated above it needs gravy (about 5 cups worth cause I'm sure it's dry as all hell)

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