BWAHAHAHA!: World's Biggest Twilight Fan

November 17, 2010


Remember yesterday's biggest Harry Potter fan? Well here's the world's biggest Twilight fan. Can you see her? SHE'S THE ONE WEARING A F***ING WEDDING DRESS STANDING NEXT TO A WEREWOLF WITH A TUXEDO DRAWN ON. Seriously, this video is so full of sadness I don't know where to begin. The highlights:

Unlike most people, I'm not in love with Twilight because of Taylor's abs or because of Robert's hair, I'm in love with it because it's the world I live in, the air I breathe.

Has anyone else called Twilight their meaning for existence, and really meant it?

My name is Anita, and to me it really doesn't matter what people think, because nothing they say or do will ever change this. I mean, how much scarier could it get if I would literally take a bullet for any member of the cast, any day?

I don't think people realize that love doesn't get stronger than this...

Hoooooooooly shit. One thing's for certain -- I'd hate to be that chick's boyfriend. Boyfriend! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I meant dog.

Hit the jump for 2:00 of you've got to be f***ing kidding me along with a copy/pasted rant from Witchy McWTF.

I don't love twilight because of abs, or hair. Twilight's the first thing i think of when waking up each morning, and almost every thought i have throughout the day involves Twilight. I ran after Michael Welch's car in the middle of a busy street. I love it more than my own life, and would literally give up my life for any member of the cast any day. Twilight is like my own world, no one understands me and says that I am crazy, need help, and have OTD (obsessive Twilight disorder). But I really don't care because nothing people say or do will ever change the way i feel about Twilight. Before Twilight, I didn't even imagine that it was possible to love something on such an extreme level. I'm not going to tell you about how I talk using Twilight quotes, or about my collection of Twilight merchandise, because none of those things shows that you're the biggest fan, you have to love it more than your own life and be willing to give up everything you have for it.

The World's Biggest Twilight Fan [buzzfeed]

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