Oct 4 2010'Skylifter' Blimp Designed To Lift Buildings


A dirigible large enough to lift and deliver heavy equipment and buildings to remote locations? Yes if Australian make-believe company Skylifter has anything to do with it! No if the mole-people finish their network of underground railways first.

This 150 meter-wide disc shaped balloon would be capable of carrying 150 tons, an increase of 700 percent from the maximum 20 tons able to be lifted by existing heavy transport helicopters. Its design provides for more stability - with its flatter profile, it acts less like a sail, making it less susceptible to winds during flights of up to 1240 miles. The disc also behaves as a parachute during descent, ensuring a gentle landing, while the low-hanging control pod keeps it from being too top-heavy.

This obviously being some sort of way-too-early viral marketing for Bioshock: Infinite aside, tell me -- is Skylifter supposed to be a takeoff on Skywalker, or just a crappy name decision? Because I would have gone with Skywaltzer. Skywaltzer: "we're dancin' with tractors on clouds, yo!"

Disc-Shaped Balloon Could Transport Whole Buildings To Remote Areas [popsci]

Thanks to ultrapony, closest thing you can get to a unicorn with actually having a corn.

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Reader Comments

this is exactly what I need to move my tool shed.

If you mated a bull dog and a shi-tzu, would it be called a bullshit?

"... is Skylifter supposed to be a takeoff on Skywalker ...?"

No, it's a takeoff on shirtlifter.

Q: Why did paedo-chicken cross the road?
A: To lay an egg.

Skylifter + reaching bandwidth limit on their site = FAIL

Skylifter + can't manage own website = I'll just drive my bulldozer to the site thanks

"The disc also behaves as a parachute during descent, ensuring a gentle landing"

They have unrealistic ideas about parachutes... and buildings.

Yeah, this totally has a "Viral Bioshock Marketing" undertone to it.

Reminds me of those fake scientific reports of the "Giantology" discoveries that hit the wire just before Shadow of the Colossus was released.

chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie....

this is exactly the sort of thing i need to transport my junk.


oh my a typo!

Yes... my dream of "Up!" IRL is finally possible!

...now I just have to wait until I'm an old widower and inflate one of these things to get away from the nice gentlemen from the old folks' home...


"Base is under attack."

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